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Tips on How to Painting Interior Home Properly


Tips on How to Painting Interior Home Properly

How to painting interior home without a handyman? Do you feel the atmosphere of your home is boring? You want to change it with repainted wall paint color? Paint can be used to simply painting or create impressive visual effects, ranging from flashy form geometric patterns until the use of smooth stencil or mural unique image.

Before Starting Painting Interior Home

Make sure all the walls are clean and dry, and the objects made from wood has been prepared. Also, make sure all the tools and utensils are available including enough paint to finish the job. You should check whether the paint used is the result of the same mixture (the same serial number) in order to avoid differences in color or tone.

Walls and Ceilings


Make sure the wall surface that you’ll re-paint are clean from dust

When you painting walls and ceiling, make sure you enough time to finish the job. Walls can be painted one by one, but painting the ceiling must be carried through to completion.

  1. Start painting interior home from the ceiling at the closest corner to the window, and avoid the light. For the walls, begin with a wall without cracks, from the top corner.
  2. Dip the brush into the paint no more than a third of the hair brush and wipe the rest (rope or a thin wire tied across the top cans or paint kettles are useful for this).
  3. Begin section corners by using a small brush to reach the gap, then replace it with a larger brush or roller. Paints approximately 75 cm, re-paint the side of the strip in order to looks unite. If using a roller, fill the paint tray partially, and do not dissolve the roller with paint too much. Paints by alternating way between the sides toward the bottom, and let the roller remain attached to the surface until almost dry (otherwise you will spattered paint).

The Equipments


Prepare everything needed as a tool for painting the walls, such as brushes, rollers and paint cans

  • A brush in different sizes: 1-5 cm for corners and windows. For the walls, larger sizes up to 15 cm.
  • Roller, alternatively brush, to paint a larger area. Adjust the roller with the kind of textured paints require a thicker roller. Small-sized roller with a long handle is very useful to reach the back of the room heater.
  • Paint pads: easy to use, but is not suitable for textured surfaces.
  • Paint trays (when using a roller or paint pads).
  • Protective paper, worn carpet, and newsprint.
  • Duct tape or protective paint surface.
  • Paint shaker.
  • Kettles paint (not absolute, but using paint kettles, work will be easier than painting directly from the can).
  • Cleansing brush, adapted to the type of paint used.

Painting Interior Home Sequence


Paint roller tool can not be applied in all parts of the wall, just for a large area only. While for the most inaccessible areas such as the corner of the room, use a small brush width two inches.

It is also important to follow the sequence of painting interior home properly, to avoid paint splashing on the surface that has just been painted, so as not repainted.

  1. Ceilings
  2. Wall
  3. Door
  4. Window
  5. Room heater
  6. The boards on the bottom wall (baseboard)

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Important For Safety!

Pedal board (scaffold) which is built on two stairs safer than a single ladder, especially if it is used to paint the ceiling. To decorate the stairs, you need a solid platform underfoot but more advisable to rent the tower stairs (scaffold towers).


Wood and Metal Objects


Use basic paint specific to the wood material, to get the best results

  • Remove any handles or window handle, and make sure that the room heater in a cold state.
  • Do not use a brush that is too wide, and protect the glass surface with duct tape, or by using a surface protector while working.
  • Remove the tape when the paint is dry when touched. Remove all paint traces that dries on the glass with carefully with a knife or razor blade.

Painting Ideas Tips


When the painting result is still not perfect, repeat again and make sure that the second process painting work well

  • A painting interior home will be completed more quickly if you move all the furniture and cover the entire floor with a cloth polythene.
  • Remove the doors (especially paneled) from its hinges and then paint it in a horizontal position using a crutch. By the time the door is replaced, use bolts that are easily removed, to facilitate the doors removal in the future.
  • Paint in place sufficient air circulation and lighting (ideally sunlight).
  • Keep children away and pets from the painting place, and keep all the equipment painting in a place away from the reach of children.
  • Do not use a brush with a rusty metal, because it will damage the paint color.
  • If the paint is too thick, strain the paint into clean empty cans using stockings that are not used anymore.
  • Before the paint is stored, turn cans of paint a few moments, then rotate the can several times. This is to avoid the formation of “skin” paint.
  • Store the paint in a cool, dry, free from freezing.
  • Paint the can lid so that you instantly know the color of the paint when it will use them once again.

The first thing we must know is the type of paint and paint used should be suitable for use


Many wood-based paint, water-based, meaning that the paint will dry relatively fast (2 to 4 hours)


The easiest way to care for wood materials is by painting


The interval time between the paint layer to the next layer of about 1-2 hours. Do not be too long nor too rush.


Adjust the paint color to your character, or look for a color that matches the interior design


A good paint is paint that has resistance to salt (alkali resistant) contained in a mixture of wall excipients so that wall paint color does not quickly dull and discolored


For the ceiling could use a roller, paint mixture made slightly thicker


Trick paint so that the paint is evenly by making zig-zag movements up and down repeatedly until completely covered wall


Roller can be used to spread the color on the wall surface

So, that is tips on how to painting interior home properly. Hopefully, this article can helpful for the readers. Thank you for visit our blog. Do not forget to share this article for helpful the others readers.

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