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Bedroom Ceiling Design – Creative Choices and Features


Bedroom Ceiling Design – Creative Choices and Features

Bedroom ceiling design comes in many ways. The fact shows that most people choose to play safe when it comes to ceiling. The simple flat white ceiling is their first and main option although there are better and more stylish ceiling options to choose. But, you should not be that normal. Be more creative in choose your bedroom ceiling design. More creative ceiling means more attractive bedroom. And, you will be feeling better spending your time in the bedroom. Well, there are actually various types, textures and styles of ceiling to transform your dull bedroom into more exciting space. Even you can add some beautiful and cool decorations to the ceiling that you may have never thought before. Just be sure that custom designed ceiling gives you the most excellent way in adding some depth to your bedroom by applying interesting geometric structures.

Bedroom Ceiling Design Choices and Features


Wood ceiling, in addition can make the atmosphere of the bedroom more comfortable with natural wood, with matching motif design and precise, definitely a unique atmosphere and elegant sure we can get.

Bedroom ceiling design from natural material? Have you ever considered wood ceiling? Well, this is a perfect idea for you to décor your bedroom. Wood ceiling allows you to choose one among several variations of feature including barn, whitewashed, weathered, reclaimed and others. You can even use recycled wood pallets for the ceiling. This bedroom ceiling design adds a sense of antiquity and old beauty to complement your classic bedroom design.


The function of the ceiling today not only as a part of the ceiling of the house, but also part of the design for the interior is decorated with a unique shape

If you think of something cool to be added as ceiling, why do not you choose metal ceiling? This interesting ceiling design is a perfect for master bedroom. Metal somehow adds sophistication into the room that allows you to enjoy your relaxing time in a future designed bedroom. This ceiling can be easily combined with other details such as grey wood cabinets.


Tray ceiling has a characteristic form of the center is made higher than the edges

There is also faux tray bedroom ceiling design, another recommended decorative ceiling for your master bedroom. You do not have to install real tray ceiling. Instead, simply create the illusion of faux tray ceiling by painting bands of color for the edge of the room. This will give your ceiling new visual depth. If you wish for more custom look, add shaded appearance or decorative molding on bedroom’s ceiling. Make sure you do it right for the best illusion of depth.


For now, motif or a pattern on the tin ceiling is very strong with classical elements. The advantages tin ceiling is water-resistant, anti-termite and durable

Here comes another choice named as tin ceiling tiles. This is common in the kitchen yet applicable as well in the bedroom. The tin tiles itself are available in various stamped finishes and patterns. Therefore, you can enjoy flexibility in design.


With one hundred percent wood ceiling materials, making the atmosphere of the bedrooms are very strong with a natural feel

Meanwhile, the paneled bedroom ceiling design is the best choice to create classic cottage look. Panel ceiling gives you the easiest way to create gorgeous effect of wood. To add depth and texture to the ceiling, consider using plywood panels, mineral fiber plants or board paneling. Choose whether you want to paint or stain the ceiling to match the existing décor and design of your bedroom.


For those of you who want a modern minimalist look in the bedroom, then drop ceiling can be considered to be applied to the bedroom ceiling

Bedroom ceiling design sometimes need more creativity and money to create it more attractive too. But if you do not want to spend too much money on decorative ceiling, consider cork ceiling tiles. The tiles are eco-friendly and inexpensive ceilings with two main styles available, the waxed and unwaxed. If you opt for natural texture, waxed cork tile is the right choice. Now that you have endless options for bedroom ceiling design, you can simply choose one.


Wooden ceiling with a minimalist design patterned straight, in addition to making more impressed to see the bedroom is simple and spacious


Other popular ceiling bedroom is tray ceiling. In the middle of the room can be mounted decorative pendant lights or chandeliers with minimalist design as the main focus on the ceiling


The main function of the ceiling is to maintain the temperature in the room caused by the sun shining the roof


For fans of classic style house will be accommodated his wishes with a ceiling of this type. His motives are plenty and varied, especially when clever combination with other materials so that the appearance of the bedroom ceiling will be more elegant


All the raw materials for the bedroom ceiling is a good ingredients and quality


Other materials that can be an alternative for you is a PVC material which is now becoming widely circulated and used in the market


The use of bedroom ceiling, you should choose according to the size and the spacious bedrooms, and you can also adjust the height or distance of the floor with a ceiling itself


For the selection of colors, you can use neutral colors like white or cream, or also bright colors with a combination of dark colors


Ceiling design for any room or different rooms could be designed with ceiling design are the same or different. But usually, the different ceiling design found on the bedroom ceiling design


Ceiling design is no longer limited to just a flat ceiling, the architects began to develop designs for various forms of ceiling, including the ceiling design that follows the shape of the roof


This ceiling design is quite simple with an elegant concept, match the color of the interior and furniture are calm and warm with dominant white and brown


Create a ceiling for the bedroom, you could choose the flat model, a model tray, in terms of appearance, you can select the style field of a straight or curved style with a more dynamic impressed

So, that is bedroom ceiling design – creative choices and features. Hopefully, this article can helpful for the readers. Thank you for visit our blog. Do not forget to share this article for helpful the others readers

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