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3 Popular Sofa Beds for Living Room Furnitures


3 Types Popular Sofa Bed for Living Room – The Best Ideas Before You Buy It!

A sofa is furniture that placed in the living room as a place to welcome guests. However, in an emergency, some kind of sofa can be changed into bed. That sofa type known as a sofa beds.

According to its name, a sofa beds is a type of sofa that can serve as a bed and sofa. The sofa bed is very flexible furniture. You can use as a sofa when guests or friends are visiting your home and can be used as a bed when you’re relaxing with family members to watch a favorite show on television. When you need a bed, you have to do is just to pull out from under the sofa, and voila, a bed ready for sleep!

With this functionality, a sofa beds can be a perfect helper when you greet impromptu guests who want to stay at home while the bedroom is full. Not only multifunctional, home furnishings this one has also been widely present in a variety of attractive and stylish.

Buying a sofa beds can be a confusing job because there are many types of sofa beds in the market. But the sofa bed is the most popular among the people is:


1. Pull-out Sofa Beds


Modern Design Pull Out Sofa Bed

Pull-out sofa beds has become the standard model in decades. Pull out the sofa bed is a model that we often encounter in the homes of America. This type of sofa bed can be transformed instantaneously into a bed in an easy way. The way is, you just pull additional pads that folded and hidden under a couch cushion to form a bed. A characteristic that distinguishes a sofa bed pull out with another type of sofa bed is backrest of the sofa is always upright. So, only just a bed is wide into double size.


Small Leather Pull Out Sofa Bed – Love Seat


Leather Pull Out Sofa Bed

Advantages :

  • Available in various sizes : queen, full, twin and single. For its small size, most people call love seat bed or a chair bed.
  • A variety of color options : Since the first pull-out sofa beds is produced locally, they present a wide variety of colors and a wide selection of quality fabrics.

Disadvantages :

  • Not too comfortable : Unfortunately, most Americans peoples want to lay down on their sofas rather than sitting on it. The problem is that they want a mattress that is super soft. In fact, the most of the sofa beds produced in that time is was just a mattress with a foam layer using a one-inch. That combination can cause backbone feels pain when you wake up.
  • The mechanism is difficult to operate : It is often a problem for elderly people who have back problems when changing their bed sofa into a bed because having to pull out mattress under the sofa. Especially for a sofa bed with large size, this would be a tough challenge for them.


2. Futons Sofa Beds


Modern and Simple Design Futon Sofa Bed

In this modern era, this kind of sofa beds could be more people know him. Futon sofa bed is a kind of combination of sofas and mattresses. The reason is, to turn it into a bed, you just lay down the backrest of sofa up to flat completely. So, futon sofa bed is a sofa that consists of several pads. And when the pads are aligned horizontally … voila! The beds are comfortable for you. Futon sofa bed comes with metal or wood with varying prices.


Modern Futon Sofa Bed Black and Red Color


Luxury Futon Sofa Bed for Living Room

Advantages :

  • Availability of goods that plentiful in the market
  • The price offered is varied and friendly
  • Having a modern design style
  • Have lots of pillows and a great selection frame model

Disadvantages :

  • More suitable placed in the lounge or family room because it is more likely as the mattress and not a sofa.
  • Sofa beds futon that has a good quality having inner spring mattress with an expensive price. If possible, you might get a sofa bed Europe that has better quality for the same price.


3. Sectional Sofa Beds


White Leather Sectional Sofa Bed with Modern Design for Living Room

Sectional sofa beds is a type of sofa that structure consists of several parts, can be composed of three to five sections. The sections are separate elements that you can arrange to form a unity sofa in diverse forms. If you are not convinced with the model structuring your living room or if you are a person who is easily bored with the monotony of room setup, choose the type of sofa this one. Because of this flexibility, a sectional sofa can also be a perfect alternative for sleeping bed. The way is just to move the parts of the sofa as you wish into a form the most comfortable beds. Just add pillows and blankets on it, and … perfect!


Sectional Sofa Bed with Letter L Formation


Storage Sectional Sofa Bed

Advantages :

  • This type of sofa is very flexible to be modified. A sectional sofa can you arrange lengthwise, forming the letter L, forming the letter U, facing each other and some other configurations that adjust to the shape of your room.
  • There are several types of sectional sofa beds that have storage under the sofa that is useful to store a collection of books, television remote, glasses and keys.

Disadvantages :

  • Probably more suited as a love seat rather than a bed because the bed size is not too broad.
  • The price is relatively more expensive and tends to have a simple and monotonous pattern.

Tips to Buy Sofa Beds


Beautiful Pull Out Sofa Bed is Ready to Buy

The most important thing when you buy a sofa beds is to test it. Sofa bed which has good quality always provide comfort to its owner and will fold and unfold again and again, quickly and easily. In general, a furniture shop always provides examples sofa bed to be tested to the customer. But if you buy a sofa bed online, you can not try it out first. As a solution, make sure that the online store accepts returns sofa bed if you received defective or damaged. A long warranty is a good idea, especially for very complex moving parts on a sofa bed.

So, that is 3 popular sofa beds for living room furnitures. Hopefully, this article can helpful for the readers. Thank you for visiting our blog. Do not forget to share this article for helpful the others readers. 🙂

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