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Wedding Room Decoration Ideas, Follow These Steps

A wedding is not complete without the appearance of decorations. Decorating a wedding room can enhance the beauty of an area, and at the same time put your self-image in the form of room furniture or flower carnations. That is why every nook and crannies should be decorated neatly. Here are five ways for you to create a beautiful wedding room decoration.

Wedding Room Decoration Ideas, Follow These Steps

5 Ways to Transform Your Wedding Room Decoration

1. Entrance as A Form of First Impression

There are tons of alternatives to put in a wedding entrance. First of all, entrance is crucial for a great first impression from your guests. The size of an entrance might vary, all the decorations must be adjusted to the size of an entrance. It will look more aesthetic once you bring in large-sized vases that suit the color palette of the wedding. Add more flowers and you are done.

2. A Dramatic and Timeless Hallway

Once guests passed the gorgeous entrance, they now must walk through the wedding hall that is specifically for the guest’s pathway. The second idea for wedding room decoration is to put decorations like romantic lights and smaller ornaments to adorn this pathway. It is optional but the guests will prefer walking along a decorated carpet rather than a plain empty one.

3. Reception Stage and The Wedding Couple’s Seat

This part might be the most essential out of any other area in the wedding location. The wedding couple will be sitting here, so you need to make sure it won’t make them look out of place or too dull. One recommendation that will always work, is to furnish the stage with modern furniture. Whether it be the modern seat, or even the background decorations.

The background decorations should also be timeless, in a way that will suit all kinds of wedding themes. Install white and soft-colored flowers for extra beauty. Please remind yourself that you need to fit the color of the whole reception stage with the couple’s dresses and suits. To make sure that the colors coordinated instead of looking random.

4. Wedding Tablescape Decorations

The fourth wedding room decoration idea is to decide on the tables’ decoration. Usually, for the table where the dishes will be served, it will look fitting into the whole mood if you drape fabric with the same color palette as the wedding theme. You can also fit the color of the right cutlery with the other decorations in the room, so it won’t have too much difference.

5. Lighting to Amplify the Mood

Wedding Room Decoration Ideas, Follow These Steps

The artificial lighting also becomes the most important element in setting the wedding mood. Need to remind yourself that lighting that is too bright or too big, will set the wrong atmosphere. This fifth wedding room decoration offers you options to choose a smaller and yellow nuance lighting, to amplify the warmth of the wedding event.

To sum it all up, wedding decoration in its nature should be able to fit the wedding couple’s style and desire, but it is also important to put into consideration that the wedding is also about the guests’ comfort. Make sure the wedding venue is comfortable enough for people to attend and choose the right color palette for better scenery. Have fun celebrating your wedding party!

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