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Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs in DIY Reusable and Portable Dog Fence

Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs Run

We have been about what we call our “Journey Research” in the past a couple of years, discovering wonderful spots to live on where we are able to encounter new journeys in our daily life!

A little while ago, we moved to a cabin in the hills of North Atlanta. Is actually doggie paradise right here with a lot of fantastic trekking opportunities and is also still close to canine agility competition on the week-ends!

Being the herding breed of dog I am, I want plenty of training! And we also love to train dog agility in the open space around our own cabin, safely and securely. So directly, we thinking about cheap fence ideas for dogs. Therefore Dad made a decision to build us an excellent affordable dog fence for Gracie and I to obtain our zoomies on, training our favorite hobbies, and also battle to our hearts’ content, all while keeping secure and safe.

Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs That Dig for Large Dogs

Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs UK for Small Dogs

Since we are renting during our journey research, Dad desired a fence ideas for dog run which was easy, quick, low-cost, portable, and also reusable. So he researched and researched, and also created a pawsome option. We had a similar fence up at our last cabin. All we do had been take down the netting, pull-up the stakes and move it to the next cabin to get right back up. Easy!


Keep Reading to Understand How We Made Our Reusable and Portable Dog Fence!

Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs Big Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs That Dig for Small Dogs Run Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs Run That Dig for Small Dogs

The Materials!

Our dog fence is almost 200 ft long and wraps nearly entirely around our cabin. That is me and Gracie checking out the netting. You are able to barely notice as it mixes in to the natural scenery perfectly, don’t you think?

Here is a listing of all the materials Dad bought for our fencing and their estimated expenses. The whole price was below $300.00, plus the great part was that when we moved to the new cabin and set the fence up for an extra time, it did not cost us a thing!:

  • Studded T-Post, 5 ft., 1.25 lb. per foot: Tractor Supply Co.

Estimated Cost: $150

Dad desired our own fence to be quickly removed because all of us renting our awesome cabin during our journey research , therefore he bought metal t-posts which he might pound in to the ground himself. He purchased 40 of them for our 200-foot-long fence.

  • Speeco Farmex S16110100-PP161101 Post Driver: Home Improvement

Estimated Cost: $30

To pound the stakes in to the ground, Dad bought a post driver. It is hefty driver, so when you set it over the top of the t-posts, the weight of the driver will help pound them in easily.

  • Tenax Fence, 4 by 50-Feet, Black Outdoor Fence: Outdoor patio, Lawn & Backyard

Estimated Price: $60

Since the terrain all-around our cabin is rather unequal, Dad desired a fencing materials that might be very versatile. So he examined various kinds of fencing and also settled on garden/deer netting. Is actually extremely strong and even our canine nails will not rip it.

  • Plastic Cable Zip Ties 100-Pack (Black): Home Improvement

Estimated Cost: $10

In order to safe the netting to the t-posts, Dad purchased various bundles of cable ties.

  • Dalen GS20C Garden Clip Strip Staple

Estimated Cost: $20

To avoid Gracie and me from digging our way out beneath the perimeter, Dad bought gardening anchor pins in order to safe the fencing in to the ground.



Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs That Dig for Dog Run Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs Big That Dig for Dog Run Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs Large Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs UK

This is the step by step instruction outling how Dad constructed our greatest awesome dog fence!

Preparing: The initial step to every successful DIY project is planning. Therefore Dad visually planned out exactly where he’d place the fence, after that started laying out where he’d placed the stakes, placing a stake every 5 ft along the new fence line.

Raking: Because we reside in the mountains, a few areas of where we desired our own fence had been densely covered with leaves and dirt. Dad raked until each of the leaves, sticks, as well as smaller sized stones had been out from the fence location to maintain down ticks, chiggers, and also other small stinkbugs that could bug all of us.

Staking: When the area had been free from dirt, Dad began pounding in the t-posts using the post driver. Unless he came upon a few really solid stone, he could safe among those stakes in the terrain with regarding 5 or 6 pounds, ensuring that the butterfly stake portion of the t-post had been totally underground to maintain our feet secure.

Netting: After all of the stakes had been in, Dad started rolling out the netting and also attaching it to the t-posts using the cable/zip ties. he initial ensured that he still left about 5-6 ins of netting lying down in the grass towards the inside of the fence place, straightened the top of the netting and after that secured the top cable/zip tie first.

Anchoring: When he’d the top of the netting secure, he could very easily straighten out the netting from the bottom of the fence line and also anchor the netting in to the terrain using the anchor pins (around three pins spaced evenly between the five-foot area between the t-posts). After that, when the netting had been taught and straight, he used the cable ties to secure the center and also bottom of the netting to the t-posts.

Working it! Dad might move on to the next post and the next, securing the cable ties as well as anchor pins until the fence had been accomplish.

Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs Small


The End Result!

Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs UK That Dig Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs Large That Dig Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs Run That Dig Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs for Small That Dig Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs Big Run That Dig

That is it! An cheap fence ideas for dogs you could build in one day! It finished up taking Dad regarding 10 hours complete over about three days to accomplish every step, from planning to raking (that took 3 hrs), pounding the stakes, and securing the netting. Need to say I am very happy with my Dad! Many thanks, Dad, for the pawsome fenced-in backyard!

Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs That Dig Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs Run for Small Dogs Cheap Fence Ideas For Dogs UK for Small Dogs Run

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