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Roof Tiles Types To Make Your Roof Look Awesome

To protect a house from the air, even the season. Along with the development of trends, now there are many types of roof tiles for houses. People can decorate their homes creatively by installing roof tiles that are suitable for their house models. Here are five outstanding roof tiles types that people should try to decorate their roof.

Roof Tiles Types To Make Your Roof Look Awesome

5 Most Popular Roof Tiles for House and Difference Between It

1. Concrete Roof Tiles

The common roof tiles that use by people are concrete roof tiles. It’s kind of roof is the least expensive rather than other kinds of roof tiles. That is why, people are commonly using it, even if it is can be adjusted on every model of the home. With the look like wood shakes, slate tiles, and clay tiles, these roof tiles can decorate your unique house look.

Furthermore, this kind of roof tiles is heavy, so people should provide a strong roof structure before installing it. Because it is the structure that holds the weight of the roof tiles so it does not fall in the house. Moreover, the installation of these roof tiles types also needs to be aware. It is better if people invite professional labor to do it.

2. State Roof Tiles

State Roof Tiles is a natural stone with a unique appearance. Through various dramatic colors, these roof tiles can bring a natural, unique, and beautiful look to the house. Thus, because it is extremely heavy, the structure of the roof must be strong to handle it. Another consideration before using it is it needs special treatment when installation and maintenance, only professional people that can handle it.

3. Clay Roof Tiles

Roof Tiles Types To Make Your Roof Look Awesome

Clay roof tiles are one of the roof tiles that can bring a beautiful look to the house by their color. Moreover, it is made by shaping the materials, then drying them under the sun, and then this roof tiles types is ready to use. In addition, the advantage of using is it has various beautiful colors that come with the water resistance system. So, it is beautiful yet resistant to a house roof.

4. Metal Roof Tiles

Metal roof tiles are made from a combination of aluminum, zinc, copper, and steel. It is the most popular roof tile that is commonly used by people because it is available in various shapes and patterns. It also has a lightweight and easy installation, making it becomes the most used one. However, the consideration of using it is some of these roof tiles is noisy, dent easily, and are outdoor temperature conductor.

5. Solar Roof Tiles

Solar roof tile is the best option if people want to install roof tiles types that can produce electricity at the same time. Because the solar roof can produce sun-based electricity, people can decent their electricity bills and get eco-friendly energy from it. Although the appearance is not beautiful rather than other roof tiles, the function is more advantageous.

Regardless of the function of the roof tiles as the cover of a house, people can creatively use their favorite for the house. It is because roof tiles will bring a finish look from a house. People can consider the material, shapes, color, and even the additional function like a solar roof when deciding which one will be installed. These roof tiles mentioned above can be an inspiration for people.

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