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Wall Paint Ideas to Create Perfect Home Wall Decor


Wall Paint Ideas to Create Perfect Home Wall Decor

To find wall paint ideas, is better we learn first the knowledge about wall paints. Now, various types of wall paint are available on the market, designed to meet all the needs of home decorators. From paint to cover the entire surface with a single layer, until the paint that creates special effects.

The Types of Wall Paint

Most types of wall paint can be categorized as follows:

  • Watercolor dries quickly without a strong smell of paint thinner. Which included this type are: emulsion, diluent, and water-based gloss.
  • Oil paint dries longer, but it creates a more assertive colors. Which included this type are: eggshell paint (eggshell), glossy, and enamel.
  • Aerosol sprays are generally used for metal objects (such as room heaters) or large-sized stencil design. The color can be metallic or non-metallic.
  • The organic paints is thinner free and other objects hazardous chemicals. This paint type is environmentally friendly and make the walls “breathe”.

Want to have a room that is unique and unusual? There are many ways to make it happen

The labels on the cans will inform you whether the paint is watercolor base or oil paint base. Also listed on the label information about the suggestion of paint use, and most importantly, the power coats. Remember that watercolor can not cover oil paint. It is better to consider the type of paint to be used, because it has to be in sync with wall decorations. By knowing the different types of wall paint, then we will get wall paint ideas that accordance with the home decor.

How to Choose the Best Paint Finish for Wall Coverings

After we know the type of wall paint that will be used, the next step is to find wall paint ideas for finishing. Best paint finish it depends on the theme of your home decor and every room of the house has its own needs. There are several types of paint finish is available in the market which you can choose.


When applied to the walls, matte paint like pervasive and very attached. A little effect gloss on its surface but still look soft

  • Matte paint finish, matte emulsion have an attractive appearance. Sometimes the emulsion looks like the surface of chalk. Oil paint is “flat”, was chosen to give the impression of “old” in the wood.

Semi gloss has a gloss level lower and not easy to peel. Use semi-gloss paint for a room that is easily exposed stains, such as kitchens and bathrooms

  • Semi-gloss paint finish, semi-gloss emulsion can be cleaned with a sponge. Semi-gloss paints oil based, called “satinwood or” satin sheen “, has a softer appearance than gloss.

High gloss tends to reflect light so it looks shiny but very easy to clean

  • High gloss paint finish generally used for wood and metal surfaces are solid and washable. You can also buy metallic emulsion to the surface of the walls and ceilings. The reflection of light will clarify the “the fault” on every surface.

As the name implies, it looks really like eggshells, slightly textured but still refined

  • Eggshell paint finish usually used for wood objects. This paint type used by an expert professional paint finish, as a base for a paint technique that combines the gloss. Eggshell paint finish have a smooth gloss, like the egg surface, and although not as strong as gloss paint, this type can be washed to remove traces of finger stick.

Another example is the trend is finishing a metallic wall

  • Metallic paint finish can be used on wood and room heater. There are also specially formulated paint for household appliances, such as refrigerators, to make it look like new. Some metallic emulsion can also be used for walls and ceilings.

The paint is very popular because of its resistance is very good. glossy appearance is very suitable for areas that are often exposed to the light reflection

  • Gloss┬ápaint finish is the trend today, looking smooth and luminous, but not too shiny. Installation of glossy plaster should be done by experts.

Changing the wall texture is a great way to characterize personal on home decoration

  • Textured paint finish can be used for walls and ceiling, especially if the original surface is less smooth. Some paints are equipped with “additional material” is done by using a brush or be textured with special tools. Most textured paint finish, difficult to remove. Therefore, if you plan to frequently change the decor, you should install textured paint finish first, before coating with emulsion paint. Thus, the texture will be more easily removed by peeling tool that uses steam, if necessary.

How to Calculate the Quantity of Paint for Home Exterior and Interior


It looks fancy but is not glossy, and not too stick like matte. When you touch, satin paint feels soft in hand

To calculate the amount of paint needed, simple, just calculate the length and height of the wall, and then multiply both measures after in the area to be painted. No need to reduce the windows or doors area. The labels on paint cans will inform the average power coats. However, the walls were heavily textured or highly porous could be very “thirsty”, so double the quantity of paint. The walls were dark would need more paint, rather than a wall whose surface is bright with paint similar or darker color.

Provide sufficient paint and make sure that the paint is a result of the same mixture. It can be done by checking the serial number on the paint cans. The color can be very diverse, but with the presence of serial numbers will still be found.


Before painting the wall, make sure that the type of paint being used is appropriate for the room


Changing the color of paint in the home is able to change the atmosphere of your home


The effect is soft also makes matte wall paint suitable for your bedroom or dining room


When compared with the matte paint, eggshell not too reflect sunlight, and more easily cleaned surface


Giving texture previously could only be done by a professional house painter, now there are some tools that are sold in the shop building that makes the conversion of homes texture can be done at home anywhere


For the living room, bedrooms, and living rooms, more commonly used paint with matt or semi-gloss finish


If you want to repainting the table, closet, or wardrobe, this color could be considered if you really like the impression of luxury


You can use metallic paint with a random pattern to create the impression of luxury for ceiling


The paint’s super shiny like a mirror gives the end result looks very good for all types of wood and can be used for both interior and exterior

So, that is wall paint ideas to create perfect home wall decor. Hopefully, this article can helpful for the readers. Thank you for visit our blog. Do not forget to share this article for helpful the others readers.

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