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6 Best Recommendation of Ceiling Materials for Garage

The garage is one room that is often overlooked by home voters. In fact, if you decorate it just a little, the garage becomes a functional and aesthetic area. Adding a finished ceiling is a cheap and easy way to do it. For a better garage quality display, there are some of the best ceiling materials for garage. For more information, check here!

Garage Ceiling Ideas You Can Apply
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Garage Ceiling Ideas You Can Apply

1. Corrugated Metal

If you want to apply simple and cheap materials, corrugated metal is the most appropriate choice. This becomes a material that looks good on the garage ceiling if you apply the concept of a modern dwelling. The lighter metal will reflect the light in the room. As a result, the effect of this material can brighten the room. Meanwhile, the darker metal parts can reduce glare from the outside.

2. Dry Wall

Another ceiling material that is also quite popular out there is drywall. This material is easy to install, easy to cut, easy to add, and simple to maintain. In addition, the ceiling materials for the garage surface area are smooth, allowing you to create any paint ideas you want to use. Best of all, its insulating properties keep your garage warm in winter and cool in summer.

3. Aluminum Soffit

This material is generally used for roof overhangs in modern home concepts. In addition to having an attractive appeal, soffit aluminum has good durability. Ceilings made of materials provide a good light-reflecting effect and match modern interior design styles or traditional styles. It is the best pick materials you can choose for the garage project.

4. Vinyl Beadboard Soffit

Garage Ceiling Ideas You Can Apply

Another inexpensive, easy to install, and attractive garage ceiling alternative is Vinyl Beadboard Soffit. Although vinyl is less durable than aluminum from the weather, it looks very attractive. You won’t even notice the difference between vinyl and aluminum when you use it indoors. This particular ceiling materials for garage is almost indistinguishable because it looks so excellent.

5. OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

Garage Ceiling Ideas You Can Apply

OSB is also popularly used in building construction. This one material is as strong as plywood but has a cheaper price. Perhaps the most useful aspect is the strong durability, but it’s light enough without needing to find a stud. For these reasons, it is great if you add shelves to the ceiling.

6. PVC Tiles

Garage Ceiling Ideas You Can Apply

PVC ceiling tiles are a strong material to be fire-resistant. It is available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and sizes to make it easy for you to choose. Also, this material most often has a matte look, but some more expensive-looking ones such as copper are also available. If you want a custom look or color, there are many options of ceiling materials for garage to choose from.

Overall, there are many choices of ceilings for garages that can be used. You can choose from PVC Tile, Vinyl Beadboard Soffit, Aluminum Soffit, Oriented Strand Board, drywall, and corrugated metal. In addition to providing an aesthetic function, these materials have durability and low maintenance quality. That is why these materials are perfect for completing a more updated garage project.

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