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How to Set Living Room Coffee Tables Properly (Part2)


9 Tips How to Choosing the Best Coffee Table Furniture in Living Room – Things to Consider Before Buy It (Part 2)

In previous articles, we have discussed how to set living room coffee tables properly (Part1). In this article, we will discuss the next tips to set living room coffee tables properly.

The coffee tables is like pieces of a puzzle that will complete if you find the right coffee table. When everything is collected, whether it’s the main table, chairs, furniture, and other decorative elements, the coffee table can be bridges a gap between them. But, choosing coffee table suitable for living room is complicated. Not just a design problem, materials, shapes, colors, or height is some another problem too. Is a round wooden coffee table with spiky legs? Have a drawers or not? What if using a coffee tables with a wheel legs? Confused? Hope not. Check out the following tips below.


5. Layer Vinyl


Dark Wood Coffee Table with Vinyl

If possible, choose a living room coffee table that has a layer of vinyl so you can remove the stain or dust easily. This is a good move as care of your beautiful coffee table. Remember to polish up your coffee table. However, if you choose something that is antique, that is a risk you should take. You must ensure that there are no spill drinks that leave marks.


6. Choose Child-Friendly Coffee Table


Be Careful of the Corner of Your Coffee Table

If you have kids, a wise decision when you choose the round coffee table. Round coffee tables does not have a corner so it is safe for them. Do not let the joy with your family disturbed with things you do not want to happen. If you already use a rectangular coffee table, it is advisable to give a foam or a soft sponge in the corner of your coffee table. In addition, you may need storage on your coffee table to keep your children’s toys.


7. Consider the Color


Apply the Same Color on All Items in Your Living Room

Lacquered coffee tables has a glossy effect that can add an elegant impression on your home interior. Lacquered coffee tables is also very suitable paired with a wide variety of your favorite colors. If you like the bold colors such as red, then select the color of the living room sofa a more neutral color such as white or gray. You can also as add a little accent similar to red tones like orange or pink.


8. Select Appropriate Shape


Rectangular Coffee Table is More Spacious but Require a Lot of Space

A rectangular coffee table certainly provides a wider space on the surface, so it is suitable to put snacks or drinks. The drawback, a rectangular coffee table will consume a lot of places. While the round-shaped coffee table is suitably placed in the tiny room because it looks more flexible with the circular shape.


9. Do Not Overdo


A Beautiful Coffee Table Set in Living Room

A living room coffee table that detail makes it appear special. But, do not make it look too much, so that makes you ‘claustrophobic’. For example, a combination of chic is a sofa with a solid color paired with a carpet that has a simple motif. Of course, you do not want all of the items decorating in your room screaming for attention, is not it?

Maintenance for living room coffee table is very absolute. The coffee table is well maintained, making your coffee table remain beautiful and durable. So, before you buy a coffee table from the furniture store or from Internet web sites, check the price and quality of your coffee table. There are a variety of models and design coffee table, from low price to high price. To be sure, a good coffee table will always keep the occupants of the house in a good mood at all times when you are at rest accompanied by a cup of tea or a cup of coffee and having fun with your beloved family.


Unique Wood Coffee Table Set


Luxurious Coffee Table Made From Granite


Rustic Coffee Table on The Wheels


Black Wood Coffee Table Set in Living Room


Simple Design Wood Coffee Table Set With Black Wood


Modern Design Wood Coffee Table


Modern Design Coffee Table with Glass on Top


Black Modern Design Coffee Table with Metal Legs


Brown Modern Design Coffee Table with Metal Legs

So, that is how to set living room coffee tables properly (Part2). Hopefully, this article can helpful for the readers. Thank you for visiting our blog. Do not forget to share this article for helpful the others readers. 🙂

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