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How to Set Living Room Coffee Tables Properly (Part1)


9 Tips How to Choosing the Best Coffee Table Furniture in Living Room – Things to Consider Before Buy It (Part 1)

Drink coffee culture has become a people tradition since ancient times. Drink coffee culture is very popular in the 18th century in England, the demand for the table – which can be achieved by the hand of someone sitting on the “settee” (a chair with a long seat cushion) – also increased. The coffee table is becoming increasingly more popular in Europe during the beginning of 1779. Before coming term coffee table, they are more commonly known as a cocktail table. The coffee table is a table that has a small and sleek shape and has a low height are usually placed in the living room and placed in front of the sofa. The function of this coffee table is a place to put drinks, snacks, books, or other personal items.

To excite your spirit for buy a living room coffee tables, you should consider first be willing to be used for what the coffee table. Perhaps you can imagine when you come home from work with a tired condition and want to lay your body on the sofa for a moment. At that time, you see a coffee table in front of you and raised the desire to throw your feet on it so you can rest comfortably. Try to remember other memory at circle time with your beloved family, watching a favorite TV show with your family, play chess or monopoly with your children to rejoice with friends when the football team you win so you glanced down and saw a glass of beer and also snacks winks at you from the coffee table?


Small Modern White Coffee Table for Living Room

Besides good for family discussion, welcoming guests or companions, and as a place to store your valuables such as books, decorations, remote TV. That is some real evidence that living room coffee tables is useful at any time in your life. So that is the most people reason for choosing the right coffee table is very important. How can it be done? after all, for you is lying flat piece of board with four stout legs, right in fact, there are many options that you can experience in the market, and to get a coffee table the most comfortable and stylish, you have to go through these tips first:


1. Size Up Your Area


Solid Wood Coffee Table With Traditional Style

Where do you plan to put your living room coffee tables furniture? Whether in front of living room sofa? Is the sofa still leave room for your coffee table? Or do you need to change the size of your coffee table? The solution is to measure the space you need for accommodating your coffee table, and the next step in the decision-making furniture store.


2. Consider the Dimensions of  Living Room Coffee Tables


Check Your Dimension Coffee Table Set for Living Room

The length living room coffee tables is usually between 1/2 to 2/3 the length of living room sofa. In addition, the height of the coffee table should be balanced with the height of seat sofa. You can choose a coffee table with a slightly lower or higher, but not to the same height as the sofa. Height range is the ideal coffee table 40 cm – 50 cm. Next, place the coffee table as far as 45 cm – 50 cm from the side of the sofa.


3. Determine the Function of the Existence of Living Room Coffee Tables


Coffee Table is Very Functional for Your Living Room

It becomes very important in buying a living room coffee tables. If you plan to bring a coffee table that can be at once as a foot rest, then select a stylish coffee table ottoman with upholstery. But, if you are planning a coffee table as a play area, eating, drinking, writing, then select a coffee table with a blank space in the middle (the coffee table without drawers).


4. Integrate Your Living Room Interior Design


Your Coffee Table Design Must Integrated with Other Furnitures

To support the aesthetics of the interior, make sure that the design of your house goes well and have the same design style with other furniture. For example, if the traditional style of your home, then you have to obtain a coffee table with antique and classic design style. Perhaps you can pick the style of the Victorian era who has the characteristics frame in the form of ornaments, has a pattern of flora and fauna are complex, the colors used tend to be glamorous. The coffee table that you will use in this regard should be made of hardwood such as mahogany or rosewood. The coffee table is generally expensive, but it all depends on your choice.


Simple Wooden Coffee Table with Oak Wood


Modern Square Coffee Tables Set


Square Modern Coffee Table with Metal Legs


Unique Rounded Coffee Table with Strips Color


White Small Modern Coffee Table in the Living Room


White Modern Coffee Table with Square Shape


Traditional Wooden Coffee Table with Storage


Beautiful Wooden Modern Coffee Table Set with Storage


Wooden Coffee Table with Square Shape in the Living Room

So, that is how to set living room coffee tables properly (Part1). Hopefully, this article can helpful for the readers. Thank you for visiting our blog. Do not forget to share this article for helpful the others readers. 🙂

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