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Exterior Ceramic Tiles and Interior Ceramic Tiles

You surely know, ceramic tiles with different functions have different characteristics. Ceramic tiles for the bathroom is not same as ceramic tiles for the living room. Similarly, ceramic tiles for carport floor. Each ceramic tile has its own designs and specifications accordance with the conditions of use.

Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom

Ceramic tiles for bathroom floor

Exterior ceramic tiles and interior ceramic tiles for floor tiles, wall tiles, mosaic tiles, kitchen floor tiles, and bathroom tiles

Beautify the bathroom floor is a good thing

As a room that involve the use of water, bathroom require ceramic non-slip tiles as flooring. Especially, for the shower whose floor is often wet. To solve these problems, the ceramic tiles with a matt finish is the type most recommended. Conversely, avoid the use of glossy ceramic tiles. Type of glossy ceramic tiles has a surface slippery when wet. If you still want to show glossy impression for the bathroom floor, choose a ceramic tile with semigloss finish.

The safest choice for bathrooms is ceramic tile textured. Ceramic tiles textured provide more friction force, so that we do not easily slip. Another alternative is ceramic tile with a special coating that looks like a dust on the floor surface. If the ceramic tiles we touch, feels a bit rough granules on the surface.

Ceramic tiles for bathroom walls

Exterior ceramic tiles and interior ceramic tiles for floor tiles, wall tiles, mosaic tiles, kitchen floor tiles, and bathroom tiles

If ceramic tile is clean and beautiful, the bathrooms will be beautiful too

Unlike ceramic tile flooring, a large selection of ceramic tiles for bathroom walls more easily determined. For this part, you are more advisable to use glossy ceramic tiles. Why? The reason is, the type of glossy ceramic tiles are easier to clean than matt ceramic tiles. Slick glossy coating will make it easier to clean the stains on their surface. However, matt ceramic tile still be able to use too, as long as the installation is applied to the area with a self-cleaning activity. The pores of the matt ceramic tile can keep water vapor, which gradually can reduce the durability.

Install the ceramic tiles on the bathroom wall, from the floor to a height of 1.5 m. The height is expected to anticipate splashing water. It should be noticed, because the splashes water can cause black spots stains or mildew which is difficult to remove if left too long. Therefore, frequently rubbing your bathroom wall.

Ceramic Tiles for Interior Home

Ceramic tiles interior for home floors


Floor support the weight of human and furniture on it, so the ceramic tiles must be strong and solid. Ceramic tile at this day comes in a variety of styles. Customize your choice with the impression and style you want to show. For a luxurious feel, for example, you can attach glossy ceramic tiles, while for country style, use matt ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles for house interior design is very diverse, ranging from the plain until to the motif. There are also ceramic tiles that resemble with the natural material, such as wood and stone, of course, with a more affordable price.

Color variants ceramic tile is also very diverse, ranging from bright, dark and neutral, even available also in cheerful colors. Color ceramic tile greatly affects the beauty of the room. Besides color, at this time also present rectified technique that can create a floor look wider. This technique allows the ceramic tile installation with grout within 1 mm. Similar to marble flooring installation techniques.

Ceramic tiles interior for house wall

Exterior ceramic tiles and interior ceramic tiles for floor tiles, wall tiles, mosaic tiles, kitchen floor tiles, and bathroom tiles

This material is the most widely used, either in the form of small tiles, tile-like brick, and mosaic tile

Type of ceramic tiles for a wall is different with ceramic tiles for floors. Ceramic wall tiles are lighter and thinner than ceramic tile flooring, because, ceramic wall tiles do not receive the burden and pressure such as ceramic tile floors.

The main function of ceramic tile for wall is to protect the walls from stains. The most common occurrence is ceramic tile installed surrounded at the bottom of the wall as a border. Kitchen wall is an area that is often coated with ceramic tiles, especially the backsplash area. Splashes of oil and soapy water can leave stains which is hard to remove if the wall are plain without being covered by ceramic tiles.

Ceramic wall tiles can also be used as elements to beautify the home interior. This function comes after the design of ceramic tiles is growing. Combine a variety of ceramic tile with the shape, color, size, pattern, and texture. If you want to create a focal point, apply the ceramic tile that has a contrast color with the color of the walls.

Ceramic Tile for Exterior Home

Exterior ceramic tiles for home floors

Exterior ceramic tiles and interior ceramic tiles for floor tiles, wall tiles, mosaic tiles, kitchen floor tiles, and bathroom tiles

The most important thing is to know the motive of ceramic and conformity with the surrounding environment

As one of the home finishing materials, ceramic tiles can not only used for home interior, but also can be used for home exterior. Generally, the ceramic tiles are used on the porch, exterior corridors, and open garage.

Exterior ceramic tiles has several advantages. One of them, in terms of durability, exterior ceramic tiles are heavy duty. Not surprisingly, exterior ceramic tiles is thicker and heavier. These characteristics are made to anticipate a greater load, as occurs in the open garage floor. Exterior ceramic tiles typically have a texture and have a matt coating.

Ceramic tiles interior for house wall

Exterior ceramic tiles and interior ceramic tiles for floor tiles, wall tiles, mosaic tiles, kitchen floor tiles, and bathroom tiles

Another thing that must be considered is the suitability of colors and shapes of ceramics

Motif, textures, and color variety make a ceramic tile to be one of the favorite choices that are used to beautify the look of the home and accentuate the aesthetic. For exterior walls, choose a ceramic tile with a matte surface and slightly textured. Ceramic tile like that is easier to maintain. You can also use ceramic tiles that resemble natural stones. Ceramic tiles like that is very suitable for modern and ethnic style house.

Exterior ceramic tiles are dirty faster. How to prevent it? Dirt on the exterior ceramic tiles with a smooth surface will be more easily seen. Therefore, use of exterior ceramic tiles with a rough surface and semiglooss.

Free Bonus: Mosaic For Decorative Style of Ceramic Tiles

Still unfamiliar with the term the mosaic? Or are you still confused, the mosaic the is one type of ceramic tile or not? Here we take you to increase the knowledge of the mosaic.

What is the Mosaic?

Exterior ceramic tiles and interior ceramic tiles for floor tiles, wall tiles, mosaic tiles, kitchen floor tiles, and bathroom tiles

We all know when it will be renovating or redecorating the house when using mosaic tiles on the floor or on the wall

According to the dictionary of architecture, a mosaic word means “something that is a style of decorative surface of the wall or floor, made up of small parts – can be a small part made of mirrors, glass marbles, which are arranged in a single field. The composition of the designs also vary. In short, a mosaic is the art of decorating with colored pieces of hard materials are arranged.

Hard materials in question are the mirror fragment, ceramic tile, and colorful small stone. You often see a field that the inside is filled with fragments or cracks of ceramic tiles, do not you? The uniqueness of the field filled with mosaics looks at a glance like a puzzle.

Mosaic: Past and Present

Talking about the mosaic, inevitably we also talk about the style of decorative ceramic tiles, because the mosaic was born as a form of creativity decorative style. Forms of calligraphy carved on each ceramic tiles and lining the walls of the house must be very different from the Italian ceramic tile which is more focused on color variations.

The size of mosaic ceramic tile in old days tended to be larger than the size of mosaic ceramic tile today. Fortunately, mosaic ceramic tile today offer a variety of sizes so diverse. The smallest size that can be produced by the factory is 2-3 cm in the form of a square.

If you want to get a shape of mosaic more natural, try to break a ceramic tile standard size (30 x 30 cm) with a special tool. You can also hit or destroy them according to taste. There is no obligation to follow a particular geometrical pattern. More “random” you break it, the more unique and aesthetic patterns are created.

Today, the mosaic can be used as one of a variety of techniques to decorate furniture or trinkets. Some of them are: edge decoration for tables, mirrors, glasses, bowls, and chairs.

So, that is exterior ceramic tiles and interior ceramic tiles. Hopefully, this article can helpful for the readers. Thank you for visit our blog. Do not forget to share this article for helpful the others readers. 🙂

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