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Ceramic Tile Function and Form for Home Design Ideas

Ceramic tile function ideas for finishing room and element aesthetic feature ceramic tile function for wall, floor and other home decorations

Ceramic Tile Function and Form for Home Design Ideas

You must be wondering, what exactly is the main ceramic tile function? Or you want to know what can be produced from a ceramic tile? Besides as a substitute material for conventional floor tiles were familiar at first time ago, whether there are other functions of ceramic tile? Here we will discuss the ceramics tile function for home design.

For Finishing Room

Smart in choosing the size of the ceramic tiles with a room of the house

Orientation ceramic tile function became clearer when we talk about the finishing room. In the work process of building construction, finishing phase is related to a variety of activities to give the “finishing touches”, such as the installation of glass and a variety of decorative elements, such as the installation of gypsum ceiling, wood carving for the pole/pillar, painting, and tiling.

Floor coverings

Although the ceramic tile has a long durability and durable, but also require good care

It seems that the most popular ceramic tile function is as a floor covering. Various types, shapes, and sizes of ceramic tile for floor coverings can be found in the market. Do not choose the wrong ceramics tile that are used to cover the floor and the one used as wall coverings. The most obvious difference between the two is on their surface. Try to touch and look carefully.

Generally, ceramic tile that used as a floor covering has a surface that is slightly coarser than ceramics tile used as wall coverings. This difference is actually intended to the ceramic tile function and placement. As floor coverings, ceramic tile definitely is part of trampled, is not it? The ceramic surface that is used as a floor covering purposely made slightly textured and feels a bit rough so we would not slip when passing / stepped on it.

Wall coverings

For the bathroom or kitchen, as possible choose ceramic tiles with textured

Bored with the wall which is just covered with paint? There is a new alternative that you can try. Use ceramic tile as wallpaper or replacement wall paint to cover the walls of your home!

The advantage of using ceramic tile for wall coverings are a clean impression that certainly seen from his appearance. In addition, if you want to show special motifs on the walls, you can choose the ceramic tile with colors and unique patterns. When compared to the application of paint and wallpaper installation, the use of ceramic tilemay take some bigger cost. However, your home does not need repainting the next few years, thus saving costs. In addition, your home will look more fresh and unique. Here are some techniques to use ceramic tile as wall coverings.

  • Use of ceramic tile as a border or divider between the upper to the lower surface of the wall.
  • Ceramic tile is used entirely as finishing on the walls.

Coating countertops in the kitchen

Ceramic tiles is very strong with kitchen spices and hot oil

Ceramic tile coatings can also be used as countertops in your kitchen. Do not believe? Try it for yourself. You’ll love this idea!

The real reason why ceramic tile is used as countertops is for the protective material which is scratch resistant and liquid of kitchen spices. Cooking identical with residual waste from vegetables and spices, cooking oil and butter, even fish and chicken, which requires materials with strong and easy to care and cleaned. Here are some alternatives to the use of ceramic tile coatings  for countertops.

  • Ceramic tile only used on the top surface countertops.
  • Ceramic tile are used in most of the top surface countertops.
  • Ceramic tile are used on the upper surface and side edges of countertops.

For Element Aesthetics

Ceramic material made of clay or porcelain made ceramics not easily scratched and more durable than using cement or wood floors

In the home interior, ceramic tile  elements can be applied in various situations. Something that first comes in your mind it must be a ceramic tile function for floor coverings, as we have discussed previously. Along with the progress of the times and technology, ceramic not only serves as a floor covering. The more elements/fields in the dwelling that can be decorated with ceramics. Ceramic materials can be functioned for wall coverings and material interior decorator. For example, furniture, tableware, until ornament in the house.

The level of flexibility ceramic tile as an aesthetic element home interior is very high. The shape and size can be customized to your needs and your creativity. Here are some factors that must be met if you want to beautify your dwelling with ceramic.

  • First, select and provide the space you want to decorate with ceramic tile.
  • Measure carefully and clean the surface. Make sure the surface is completely dry.
  • Prepare the ceramic tile will be used. If the size does not fit, cut them accordingly. Cut slowly, do not rush, so the results neatly and not broken.
  • Create a clear pattern so that you are not confused when laying ceramic tile position.

Currently using ceramic tiles for the floors of the house is a natural thing

Many prices, variants, models of ceramic tiles sold in the market makes you must be observant in choosing ceramic tiles

For the kitchen you should choose the color of ceramic tile natural so that giving impression of comfort in your kitchen

If ceramic tile is clean and beautiful, the bathrooms will be beautiful too

One of the things that need to be renovated are ceramic tiled bathroom

The living room is often seen by people, use a type of ceramic tile home affect comfort and friendliness

The advantages of ceramic tile is durable, with a special color mosaic of interesting and beautiful

So, that is ceramic tile function and form for home design ideas. Hopefully, this article can helpful for the readers. Thank you for visit our blog. Do not forget to share this article for helpful the others readers. 🙂

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