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Removing Bed Dust Mites, Sleep Better, Healthy Living | Roy Home Design

The innerspring mattress, which is used as a bed for you every day, is easily a gathering place for dust and even mites.

Removing Bed Dust Mites, Sleep Better, Healthy Living | Roy Home Design

Sleep Better Without Bed Dust Mites

Do you remember how did people in the past use a racket bat to clean a cotton mattress? A variety of dust will immediately fly, and the cotton mattress returned “clean”. However, will it be effective to clean the innerspring mattress mattress with cleaning methods like that?

The answer, of course not. To clean the dirt on the innerspring mattress, you can use a vacuum cleaner. The use of vacuum cleaners is effective for reducing dust and dirt on the innerspring mattress. However, the technique is only “reduce”, not completely cleaning. In fact, the mites found in the innerspring mattress and unseen will stay left behind.

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Maybe at a glance, your innerspring mattress doesn’t look so dirty. However, in these unseen small dust, millions of bacteria and mites breed.

What Are Dust Mites?

Most people think that mites are fleas, but actually, mites are not the same as fleas. Mites are parasites that live depending on other living things, such as animals or humans. Here are some facts about the mites that you need to know.

  • In his life, mites pass through four stages of transformation from eggs to adults, which last for 21 days.
  • With a size of around 0.5 mm and a brownish color, mites can be seen with the naked eye (in adult size) or using a magnifying glass.
  • Mites live by eating remnants of organic things such as the human skin exfoliate that is often found in human habitation.
  • Adult mites can live for 2 months and cause skin diseases, asthma, and allergies.
  • The way mites spread the diseases is through enzymes (especially protease) that come out from their stomach together with their feces.

To get more optimal results, it’s a good idea to use innerspring mattress cleaning services. The cleaning system provided by this service can remove dust and dirt maximally, even get rid of mites. The technique is fairly fast and certainly efficient. Some of the innerspring mattress cleaning processes use water, some use dry foam.

For some cleaning services that use wet (with water) techniques, the homeowner needs to provide a minimum of 900 Watt electricity, and a place that is quite spacious. Later, the innerspring mattress will be taken out of the bedroom and cleaned with the equipment that has been carried.

Removing Bed Dust Mites, Sleep Better, Healthy Living | Roy Home Design

The Stages of Dry Foam Technique

The dry foam technique does not use water, so you do not need to worry about the innerspring mattress will be wet and difficult to dry again. Here are the steps.

Removing Bed Dust Mites, Sleep Better, Healthy Living | Roy Home Design

The first stage is the irradiation of UV-C light on the innerspring mattress surface. The aim is to kill bacteria and microorganisms that live in the innerspring mattress cover.

Removing Bed Dust Mites, Sleep Better, Healthy Living | Roy Home Design

Furthermore, the dead bacteria and microorganisms will be removed by a suction device. In this process, dust and other impurities will also be absorbed maximally.

Removing Bed Dust Mites, Sleep Better, Healthy Living | Roy Home Design

The next stage is cleaning with dry foam. The goal is to clean stubborn dust that is still attached. Because it doesn’t use water at all, your innerspring mattress can dry in just 15-20 minutes. However, this step is only performed upon customer’s request.

Removing Bed Dust Mites, Sleep Better, Healthy Living | Roy Home Design

Lastly, the innerspring mattress that has been cleaned will be sprayed with sanitary liquid to prevent the return of bacteria and microorganisms.

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The Importance Of Sleep

Sleep problems should not be underestimated because they have an impact on the quality of one’s life.

Removing Bed Dust Mites, Sleep Better, Healthy Living | Roy Home Design

Something that happens during sleep will have an impact when you wake up. Likewise, vice versa, something that happens when we wake up can have an effect when we sleep.

The good quality of sleep is very important to realized so that the body’s recovery process can run optimally during sleep, where the body returns to its initial state after doing all day activities. The good quality of sleep also helps store energy for us to use it in the next day.

Many things affect the quality of sleep. Aside from the comfort of the place where you sleep, even psychological factors can affect how sleep goes. Sleep well or not, often wake up before the time? And some physical and health disorders, are some of the things that play a role in the quality of our sleep.

In addition to the quality, the duration of sleep has an effect on our lives. At some point, for one day everyone has to sleep. When the demands of work force us to over the limit, and we don’t sleep for more than 24 hours, the sleep deficit will gather and our reflexes and mental functions will decrease as well.

As the days change, this lack of sleep will continue to accumulate and make us less productive to run activities, and result in emotional instability, such as irritability or depression.

Active Process

Most of us assume that sleep is a passive process because we close our eyes and all our physical functions are stop. However, unlike our assumption, in fact, sleep is an active process involving complex interactions with metabolic functions and high activity in the brain.

The experiment given by Dr. Pierre Maquet, a neurologist from the Institute of Neurology, University College London, England, in January 2000 proved that certain parts of the brain will be active while studying or doing other tasks that require memory. This part of the brain will be activated again when a person sleeps, which causes the person’s memory to become stronger.

Sleep can help maintain the immune system, nervous system work, the release of growth hormone, the creation of proteins needed to repair damaged cells, and maintain the beauty of skin and face.

The Influence of Sleep on Life Quality

Below are some factors about sleep that affects to your performance and activities.

  1. Sleep at Night

Constantly awake, too tired and needing rest, while the body cannot control these needs, time to sleep and time to wake up, then the brain takes control of it, and we fall asleep.

  1. Lack of Sleep

Having a sleep disorder or not sleeping for several days resulting in sleep deficiency which makes it difficult for the brain to function.

  1. Circadian Pacemaker

A neurological clock or inner clock human body that says “now is midnight” or “now is dawn” and tells us “night” and “afternoon”. While for some reason someone must stay awake at night or instead sleep during the day. It is very influential for shift workers who always feel tired because they sleep during the day for several days, then switch to sleep at night for the next few days.

  1. Sleep Inertia

The feeling of unpreparedness felt by most people when they just woke up. The part of the brain responsible for memory consolidation does not function optimally for 5 to 20 minutes after we wake up and does not reach its peak efficiency for several hours. There is a transition period between the time we wake up and the time when our brain is fully functioning.

How do You Sleep?

Have you ever imagined how many things we can do if we use the sleeping time for work?  Is it true that sleeping is an activity that is just waste time?

1/3 of Our Lives are Used for Sleep

Someone who is 75 years old has spent at least 25 years of his life just to sleep. This means 1/3 of our lives! That is, approximately 122 days each year. This is the fact!

A Bad Habits

  1. Wake up Depending on Alarm

The body is forced to awake and become weak and lethargic, then makes it lazy to wake up.

  1. Playing a Cellphone

Removing Bed Dust Mites, Sleep Better, Healthy Living | Roy Home Design

Most of the psychologists found the fact that playing cellphone after wake-up will create a feeling of unhappiness and decrease work productivity in the afternoon.

  1. Consuming Caffeine

Removing Bed Dust Mites, Sleep Better, Healthy Living | Roy Home Design

An empty stomach after 8 hours of a deep sleep, is not good if it is filled with acidic coffee or tea. This will disrupt the stomach health and reducing the spirit that should be built at the beginning of the day. Start the day with a glass of water, then continue with lemon water that is alkaline to neutralize the acidity in the body or green tea without sugar at all.

  1. Smoke

The habit of smoking cigarettes in the morning will cause addiction to nicotine which is bad for health and makes the mood more negative in the morning.

Adequate Sleep Characteristics

  • Automatically wake up in the morning without an alarm or someone else.
  • Don’t feel sleepy all day even though you are doing a tedious job.
  • The body feels energetic all day long.

Removing Bed Dust Mites, Sleep Better, Healthy Living | Roy Home Design

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