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Ultimate Guide to Maintain Seagrass Ottoman Storage Furniture

Seagrass is one of the plants that live on beaches around the world. These plants are dried to make a piece of attractive and durable furniture that will last for years. Especially, if proper care and maintenance of furniture are carried out. One of them that you can take care of is seagrass ottoman storage. Let’s take a look at these seagrass furniture care tips and procedures in detail as follows!

Furniture Care Tips from Seagrass
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About Seagrass Furniture

Do you know? Seagrass furniture is made from reeds, the eternal sea which is exported from countries in Asia. The furniture will be well woven by machine or hand in detail. To make furniture, seagrass needs to be dried, and the reed stiffens. After drying, this material is ready to be used to make furniture that is sturdy and has a unique texture.

Seagrass has gained popularity as a furniture-making material in recent decades thanks to the go green campaign. The tough, shiny, and smooth surface reed is resistant to a wide variety of things, such as stains and dust. As a result, seagrass ottoman storage is suitable to use for furniture in the house. Created for indoor use, nowadays seagrass also comes in outdoor variations.

In addition, there are various kinds of furniture available, such as chairs, sofas, coffee tables, storage, etc. Although maintenance is easy, improper use and care can reduce the durability of the furniture. It would be nice, you have to clean, maintain, paint, and keep it in good condition for years to come as home furnishings.

Furniture Care Tips from Seagrass

About Seagrass Furniture

Although seagrass is a marine plant, dried seagrass cannot tolerate the rainy season but excessive humidity. If left alone, usually the furniture ends in decay. For this purpose, always try to keep the furniture indoors. But if you have to take seagrass ottoman storage outside, protect the furniture from weather conditions, such as rain and bad weather.

In case of rain or air spills, make sure you take good care of the furniture. But for everyday use, you can use a dry cloth with a soft cloth along whatever is safe. In addition, you can also use a vacuum cleaner with a small soft-bristle brush, for example, to remove dirt that has accumulated between the gaps.

The characteristics of seagrass are weak compared to metal or wooden furniture. Therefore, never stand on seagrass furniture. If children are around, they need to find out not to use seaweed harshly. In addition, you should be exposed to direct sunlight for too long. It is because the natural color will fade.

For added protection, you can use an excellent varnish that will prevent the color from fading. It is best to entrust all repair and restoration work to a professional. But if you have to do it yourself, make sure to do it the right way step by step. As an additional tip, always place your seagrass ottoman storage in a well-ventilated area to make it last longer.

Caring for furniture from seagrass does not want what it is looking for. You have to do a few things regularly for seagrass furniture to prevent damage easily. By keeping the tips above in mind, you can ensure that your seagrass furniture will last a long time without losing its beauty. It will become one of the centerpieces in your home because of its unique texture and shape.

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