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Contemporary Style Interior Design for Homes Ideas


Contemporary Style Interior Design for Homes Ideas

Metal girders, pillars roof supporting, or brick pillars were left exposed as just an element of this style. These characteristics often associated with warehouses, factories, or other industrial buildings converted into homes. This style can also be applied to the modern warehouse and a country-style property for the interior light, neat, and spacious.

Generally, the rooms of a contemporary urban style house is open and ‘flow’. Therefore, planning room usage is crucial, as well as the unity of design between different areas. Large-capacity storage area is important, because this style does not provide space for the mess or a collection of various goods. Nevertheless, a high-tech objects are often displayed in the house.




Details of Finishing and Furniture-Decoration and Use Clean Lines

Appearance furniture is simple and efficient with individual parts that make up a theme, it may be a separate statement. Generally, the furniture has a light and simple character but still unique and interesting. Furniture layout often followed a straight line flow in the room, so it looks clean and simple. Metal-framed chairs, and pillowslip made from leather, linen, or tweeted very popular contemporary style. Contemporary style will probably combine some old furniture, antiques and even that should be used as the main point and given special lighting.




Use These Colors for Interior Elements such as Walls, Floors, and Ceiling

Wooden planks natural width is very suitable for this style, as well as cement or concrete floors, which can be painted, stained, or polished. The floors are often applied to the contemporary style is porcelain, wood, and ceramics. The condition is left plain just like that, with no pads at all. For softer shades, floor coated with rubber, floor design with linoleum materials, shiny vinyl, and tile that looks like metal. Interior stairs can be a combination of metal and glass. The carpet was certainly not of the elements of this style, although the carpet decor or fake animal skin can give a softer texture.


Window Decor


Also use a Glass Material as a Substitute for Walls, Large Windows Transparent

Contemporary style interior design does not use the usual curtains. If the shape is good, better window left without curtained at all, or can be closed with blinds, shutter, or thin fabric blinds that can filter the light. Bricks intentionally left not plastered. Another suitable wall decoration is the paint (perhaps with the metallic impression), plywood or wall panels were coated and polished plaster. Brick panels of glass make light enters and add to the texture appeal.




Color Interior Design in a Contemporary Style Dominated by Neutral Colors and make a Splash Area for Cheerful Colors in Accessories or Furnitures

Colors used in contemporary style usually neutral colors, especially in key areas in the house. The colors are most suitable are neutral colors like black, gray, and white, combined with metallic silver color. For a softer color can be used creamy white, beige, taupe, and brown. Scratches bright colors can be added to ‘switch on’ this style. The bathroom and kitchen area are colored bright blue, light blue, emerald green, or orange, purple, and yellow. All depends on the creativity of, this color combination can steal the attention because of its beauty.




Natural Elements Bring a New Flavor to the Refreshing Contemporary Modern Living

Contemporary style has a stand-alone accessories with typical flashy and dramatic shapes and unusual textures. Accessories group that there should symbolize a unity, as three flower stalks each in three glass vases with a similar high. Interesting art objects, from the fabric to acrylic paintings wall decoration, will look dramatic if paired on a plain wall. Architectural plants such as palms and bushes groups are very suitable for a contemporary style. Lighting as an emphatic element is also very important role.


Use Your Imagination for More Creative to Process Patterns and Textures to Give a Flashy Beauty in the Room


The Design Style Furnishings Give the Impression of Light and Simple


Choose White Flooring Material so the Light Can be Reflected Around the Room in the House


The Room was Made Open and Bright with Natural Light in the Room


The Exterior Design of the Contemporary Home has a Characteristic Use of Materials that Appear Light and Open


Another Characteristic is the Roof that is Straight and Flat. Building Material was Dominated Using Steel and Glass


Release Your Imagination to Give Personal Touch to the Interior Design of the House


Detail is Very Important to Show Contemporary Design at the House


An Open Sketch is Ideal for Home and Iconic Contemporary Style

Basically, contemporary style is the interior design that are ‘trends’ or being produced at the present time. So, contemporary could be eclectic. Whatever is happening today, contemporary more dynamic, is not bound by an era. The point is, the contemporary style in a home interior more priority the minimalism elements and simple, but still a touch of bold in various pattern. Dynamic trend which is the main character of a contemporary design to impress changing all the time.

So, that is contemporary style interior design for homes ideas. Hopefully, this article can helpful for the readers. Thank you for visit our blog. Do not forget to share this article for helpful the others readers. 🙂

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