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Colors Painting Ideas to Create Room Illusions

Well, we see again on this happy day. This is the last discussion of the color theory. In previous discussions, we have discussed how to create a harmonious color scheme. In this discussion, we will discuss colors painting ideas for visual tricks change the room appearance. We will be a lot to play with colors to create the illusion of space in your home.

In addition to creating an atmosphere with color and visually can warm or cool the room. You can use a pattern, and light to play “tricks” that seemed to change the room proportions. This is much cheaper than having to change the building structure.

Colors Painting IdeasĀ for Your Dream Room

Make The Ceilings Looks Lower


  • Paint the ceiling with warm colors and prominent. Paint the walls with the cool colors that contrast with the color of the ceiling.
  • Paint the floor and ceiling with the same color, or use a similar color.
  • Pair the bright white ceiling with the dark colored walls (ceiling white does not always look higher).

paint-colors-for-cupboard-in-the-living-room-paint-ideas-for-best-interior-paint-colors bedroom-color-ideas-for-interior-colors-painting-ideas-with-bedroom-color-schemes

  • Use horizontal pattern on a wall, or divide the walls with dado trim and rail painting or frieze (an elongated decoration on the wall that containing image or calligraphy).
  • Paint the top of the wall immediately adjacent to the ceiling with the color that contrasts with the color of the ceiling.


  • Cover the ceiling with a cloth.
  • Tall furniture types will make the room appear to be lower.


Creating The Low Room Looks Higher


  • Paint the ceiling with a pale color and fade. The blue sky is very effective.
  • Paint the ceiling with the color gradations were a little softer than the wall color, or match the background color from an existing wall covering.

best-interior-paint-colors-for-ceiling-paint-color-sky-blue-colors-schemes best-interior-paint-colors-for-living-room-ceiling-paints-colors-ideas-for-interior-decoration-living-room

  • If the quality of gypsum/plaster on the ceiling is quite good, use textures that reflect the light on that ceiling.
  • Use a vertical decor and emphatic to the wall.

large-space-living-room-design-interior-with-hardwood-flooring-with-big-windows best-interior-paint-colors-for-living-room-white-colors-ideas-with-sectional-white-sofa-living-room-ideas

  • Use a similar mini motif for the walls and ceiling, make sure that the pattern is not unidirectional.
  • Use a low furniture.


About The Ceilings and Pillars

rustic-home-ranch-style-with-fireplace-and-leather-seating-and-tree-pillars white-bedroom-interior-with-best-interior-paint-colors-ideas-for-bedroom-color-schemes

  • To hide pillars girders, slope, or angle, fill it with with the same color as the walls and ceiling; to stand out, paint it with a color that contrasts with the walls color and ceiling.


Make a Small Room Looks Broader


  • Use pale colors and faded, and use a small motif.
  • Avoid the use of contrasting colors was too much.




  • Use a mirror to reflect the light.


Make The Large Room Size Feels More Comfortable


  • Use warm colors and prominent, and also contrasting textures.
  • Use striking patterns on the main room surface.

warm-color-paint-ideas-for-best-interior-paint-colors-iving-room-paint-ideas-with-wooden-coffee-tables-and-brown-modern-fabric-sofa unique-decorating-warm-colors-interior-design-warm-colors-interior-design-for-best-inteior-paint-colors-schemes-for-living-room-colors-with-luxury-tufted-ottoman-coffee-tables-with-red-carpet contemporary-warm-colors-for-living-room-decor-ideas-from-miami

  • Use complementary colors, such as curtains that contrast with the walls, and furnishings that contrast with the floor.
  • Give an emphasis on the object or distinct area with lighting.


Disguising the Less Unsightly Objects

room-heaters-for-modern-bedroom-interior-with-hardwood-flooring white-room-heaters-living-room-for-modern-interor-living-room-design-with-vinyl-flooring-with-white-coffee-table

  • Colorize or paint the unsightly objects with the same color as the background color. This method is very effective for room heaters.
  • Use pale colors either on the object and on the background.


Beautify the Attractive Objects


  • Colorize or paint the interesting objects with colors that contrast with the background. For example, use neutral colors on a white background, or use prominent colors for the pale background.

wooden-drawers-decorations-for-interior-design-living-room-with-white-vase-flowers room-decorations-design-with-highlight-spot-for-accessories-living-room-ideas modern-living-room-decorations-with-grey-living-room-sofa

  • The light will highlight an object dramatically.


Creating Small Space Looks Wider


  • Paint or coat the end of walls with bold colors and prominent, or with a strong motive.
  • Cover the windows on the end of the wall with curtains, extending from the floor to ceiling or wall to the other wall. Use a fabric that matches to the wall decorations.


  • Paint or coat both long walls with cool colors and faded.
  • Place the beautiful artwork and light enough or picture on the end of the wall.

vinyl-floor-design-in-living-room-interior-decorations-ideas-with-warm-color-schemes checkboard-kicthen-floor-design-for-modern-kitchen-design-with-white-wooden-kitchhen-cabinets-and-granite-countertops-with-black-tile-blacksplash

  • Hang a mirror on one of the long walls.
  • Make the floor look wider using transverse stripes or a checkerboard effect. Paint the curtains according to the color of the floor.


Make Small Square Room Looks Wider



  • Create a focal point in the middle of one wall, such as a fireplace, luxury window decorations, or flashy curtains on the bed, to create the impression of contrast with the sides of the surrounding walls.
  • Colorize one of the walls with a striking color that contrasts with the other walls.

small-living-room-spaces-with-hardwood-flooring-ideas-and-best-interior-paint-colors-ideas-with-black-living-room-sofa small-living-room-spaces-with-best-interior-paint-colors-schemes-with-fireplaces-and-wood-black-living-room-coffee-tables-design

  • Use one of the walls with a striking color that contrasts with the color the other walls.
  • Use one of the walls for the permanent furniture decorated with panels or contrast beads color.


  • Create a trompe l’oeil effect on one wall. (Trompe l’oeil effect: the effect of using an image that closely resembles the original, drawn completely real).

So, that is colors painting ideas to create room illusions. Hopefully, this article can helpful for the readers. Thank you for visit our blog. Do not forget to share this article for helpful the others readers.

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