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Clean Vinyl Floor Stains With Best Way


How to Remove the Stain on Clean Vinyl Floor Using Mop

Has a clean vinyl floor, shiny and looks fancy will make your home more comfortable and beautiful. To remain shiny encourage you’ll need to follow some cleaning techniques. There are many advantages to having the type of vinyl flooring, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen. Because this type of floor durable, cost-effective, durable, and available in many designs, patterns, and colors.

Clean Vinyl Floor Planks with Proper Way

To make clean vinyl floor looks beautiful, then you should clean it regularly to remove dust particles. Dust particles stick to the vinyl floor you need to clean by sweeping every day. You can also clean vinyl floor using a vacuum cleaner, but you must clean it carefully. You do not want your luxury vinyl floor is scratched due to the vacuum cleaner. If the sweep is not enough to clean your vinyl floor, then you can mop the floor. For best results, we recommend when mopping floors use a neutral PH cleanser and warm water. You can also use a mixture of warm water with vinegar to mop the floor. This mixture is very helpful to eliminate various kinds of stench.


Mop Vinyl Floors Stain Before Becoming Stubborn

In the kitchen area, most people would be hard to clean up the stain. Especially oil stains require special attention and treatment to remove these stains on vinyl flooring. If wrong in cleaning oil stains, it will inadvertently cause damage to the surface of your vinyl floor. Make sure you do not use detergents in cleaning vinyl flooring. This would result in the floor surface becomes sticky and attaches a lot of dust. The solution, you can use a dish washing detergent containing a little detergent. If you have stubborn stains, you can wet the stain with dish washing soap and warm water. Then leave it overnight so that stains become soft. In the morning, you can clean the stain by wiping with a dry cotton cloth. You can also give one liter of warm water and a few spoonfuls of ammonia to clean stains. If you use this method, make sure you completely rinse the vinyl flooring to clean the remaining thin layer of ammonia.


Cleaning Floors with Ammonia

If something is spilled on your clean vinyl floor, try to wipe the stain immediately without having to wait, because it can be stubborn stains. After cleaning up the spill stain, rinse with warm water if necessary and then dry your vinyl floor with a clean cloth. If the paint of vinyl flooring is damaged, paint using vinyl floor paint is recommended.

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