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Basic Tips for How to Installing Vinyl Floor Planks


Many Various Vinyl Flooring

When you want to installing vinyl floor, you must have a competent if you want to install on your own. So you need a special skill if you want to install vinyl flooring easily without many problems. But don’t worry, there are some basic techniques to install vinyl flooring with ease.

Vinyl floors is very comfortable on the feet and resistant to water. Vinyl floor is a very ideal to install in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and in your living room. By installing vinyl floor, in a few of hours you actually change the interior home design of your home and it will looks more luxurious and elegant.

If you have a large room, you need someone to help for installing vinyl floor. With that, the work becomes more quickly done and does it the right way. They can help you move quickly and put the sheet vinyl in the right position.


Layer Vinyl Floor

To install vinyl flooring correctly, you need to prepare tools like:
1. Tape measure.
2. Trowel.
3. Straight edge ruler – the metal is better.
4. Utility or a Stanley knife or vinyl tile cutter.
5. A roller floor (which you can easily hire from a good building equipment hire shop).

The next step is instructions for basic tips to installing vinyl floor properly.


1. You Must Measure the Area of the Room that will be Installed Vinyl Floor.


Measure the Area for Installing Vinyl Floor.

Sometimes you will find vinyl flooring with vinyl sheet size 15 feet, 12 feet and 6 feet wide. But, there are some stores that sell vinyl flooring with size 12 feet wide. If you don’t want to have many problems about the room measure, you must to buy a piece of vinyl flooring with a normal size and fit an entire room, both width and length.


2. Glue Adhesive Vinyl Flooring.


Adhesive for Installing Vinyl Floor

This is optional instructions. You may do it or not. You have to buy the correct adhesive for vinyl flooring if you want to save money. The vinyl flooring glue function is to maintain the position of vinyl flooring that does not shift. Using the wrong adhesive will throw a few dollars and it would cause trouble for you.


3. Do not Installing Vinyl Floor in the Damp Concrete.


Wait Until the Concrete is Dry and Clean

When you installing vinyl floor on concrete floor, you must to really make sure that the concrete is completely dry. If the concrete is newly installed, it will cause problems. You have to wait for some considerable time to make sure the concrete is dry and ready to be installed vinyl floor on it. If the concrete is still moist, then the adhesive will not stick well and you have to do some more work.


4. Put on the Vinyl Floor Flat Floor Surface and Clean.


Vinyl is Flexible Material

Vinyl is a flexible material and sensitive to rough surfaces. The vinyl will follow the condition of the surface of your floor. Make sure the surface of the floor you want to install vinyl flooring completely clean and free of dirt or other protruding objects that make the floor surface to be less smooth and uneven.


5. Let the Vinyl Floor for 24 Hours.


When Finish the Installation Vinyl Floor, Wait Until 24 Hours

Once you have finished installing vinyl floor, you need to let it sit for 24 hours before you put your foot on it. It aims to ensure that vinyl flooring is installed absolutely perfect. You can continue to install vinyl flooring in other rooms so that your time more effectively.


6. Use a Vinyl Cutter.


Use the Right Cutting Vinyl Floor for the Best Result

In order to facilitate you to cut vinyl, you might be able to pull out a few dollars to rent a vinyl cutter. This step is easier than you use your old razor blade. Hands and your arms do not get tired easily and saves a lot of time as well.

So, that is basic tips for how to installing vinyl floor planks. Hopefully, this article can helpful for the readers. Thank you for visit our blog. Do not forget to share this article for helpful the others readers. 🙂

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