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Clean Ceiling Fan Hack: 6 Easy Steps Will Change the Way You Clean

Ceiling fans always rely on it almost every day when summer arrives. Besides providing a cool breeze, its existence can save electricity compared to AC. However, if it is used for a long time, it needs regular maintenance. Try to clean the device several times. To be more effective, here’s the clean ceiling fan hack you should know!

Easy Methods to Clean Ceiling Fan

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Want To Clean The Ceiling Fan, What Should Be Prepared?

  1. Use an Electric Dustpan

The easiest way to remove dust from a ceiling fan is using an electric dustpan. If you are cleaning a very dirty ceiling fan, then put a damp cloth or damp cloth on the back wall. Then, use an electric dustpan to blow out the dust. Automatically, the dust on the ceiling fan will stick to the surface of the previous base. After that, you can make the cloth or paper easily.

  1. Clean Using a Glass Cleaner Liquid

To clean a hanging fan with ease, spray a glass cleaner or a mixture of half vinegar and half water on the inside of old cloth. With this in mind, you can clean the ceiling fan easily. Place linen on one arm of the fan as a clean ceiling fan hack, then pull it off while gently pressing the fan surface. The cloth will clean the top of the knife thoroughly.

  1. Extend Your Reach

If you want to clean the cobwebs and dust that are at the very end of the ceiling fan, then you can use this one guide. Get a wire hanger, rubber band, and clean old socks as tools for cleaning the ceiling fan. Hook the used shirt onto the hanger at the end of the gauge, then secure it with a rubber band and use it to clean the ceiling fan.

  1. Use Citrus for Dark Spot Ceiling Fan

Easy Methods to Clean Ceiling Fan

If it turns out that your ceiling fan has dark spots, then you can use the powerful natural method. You can use lemon or lime as the main ingredients. Rub with lemon wedges as a clean ceiling fan hack. Then, leave the lemon juice for 15 minutes for maximum results. After that, polish using a soft, dry cloth. That way the ceiling fan can be clean again without stains.

  1. Using Other Natural Ingredients

Ceiling fan maintenance that you need to know is how you clean it properly. As a suggestion. You can use natural ingredients in-hand from your home. This aims to maintain the durability of the ceiling fan so that it can be used for a long time. The trick, use a cleaning solution mixed with three cups of water. Then, put the dishwasher teaspoon in the bottle.

  1. Use a Brush

To clean every crease on the ceiling fan, you can use a soft brush. Choose a paintbrush that is dry and clean. This is the perfect size for cleaning any spot on the ceiling fan. In addition, you can also use a rolling fiber cleaner to unsoil it faster. Sounds easy right? Use a clean ceiling fan hack and you will get the benefit!

Easy Methods to Clean Ceiling Fan

In cleaning the ceiling fan, there are many ways to choose from. In fact, for those of you who want to clean it optimally with a low budget, you can just take advantage of the surrounding items. So, you no longer need to buy equipment to clean the ceiling fan properly. Use an old shirt, take advantage of herbs, and also use glass cleaner.

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