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Tips and Tricks to Clean Ceiling Fan Blades You Should Know

A ceiling fan is one of the great items for cooling down a room. However, the main problem that arises is dust stuck to the blades of the fan. The location is difficult to reach, making this fan a piece of furniture that is rarely cleaned and accumulates dust. As a result, the fan speed slows down and causes damage. To prevent it, here are tips to clean ceiling fan blades.

Tips to Clean Fan Blades You Should Know

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How to Clean Ceiling Fan Blades Without Any Problems

  1. Move All Home Furniture

Cleaning the ceiling fan does take extra time and effort. To clean the ceiling fan more effectively and efficiently, you have to apply several things. It would help if you moved all the furniture such as benches, sofas, tables, benches, and all the decorations on the wall around the fan. This is essential for the cleaning process to be effective.

If the fan you have is in the bedroom, you should cover the mattress using plastic or another cover. This step is useful for protecting the bed from dust. In addition, closing the mattress using plastic is also useful to prevent water splashing, so it doesn’t hit the cover bed or bed sheet when cleaning. Thus, you need to apply tips to clean ceiling fan blades properly.

  1. Disconnect the Electricity

Next, please make it so that the fan does not rotate and is not connected by electricity. Do not let cleaning the fan jeopardize your safety. It is important to pay attention to this aspect if you want to avoid electric shock or being struck by a rotating fan. Therefore, remove all power lines before cleaning.

  1. Wipe Using a Wet Cloth

Tips to Clean Fan Blades You Should Know

Get a wet towel or microfiber cloth as well as a dry towel. The damp cloth is useful for cleaning dust, so it doesn’t fly in all directions but mopping it on the fabric. Meanwhile, the clean or dry cloth is useful for drying the remaining cleaning using a wet cloth. If you have a vacuum cleaner, then you can use it to clean ceiling fan blades.

  1. Clean Routinely

Dust lodged in the fan can affect its performance. As a result, the fan rotation slows down and eventually breaks down. To prevent this, you need to clean the fan regularly. This fan cleaning schedule can be done weekly. Another tip that can be applied is to use a cleaning tool with long legs so that you can reach the hardest side.

  1. Avoid Abrasive Materials

Avoid using abrasive and harsh cleaners to clean the ceiling fan. The meaning of harsh cleaners is abrasive to the materials. Examples are alcohol, bathroom cleaners, and so on. These abrasive cleaners will affect the quality of the fan, such as destroying the color and making the fan scuffed. Therefore, choose the safest ingredients such as water and mild soap to clean ceiling fan blades.

Tips to Clean Fan Blades You Should Know

A cleaning ceiling fan is not as easy as you think. It is because you need to pay attention to several things before doing cleaning activities. Make sure all electricity is turned off. Then, remove the accessories on the ceiling fan. Don’t also forget to cover the surrounding furniture so that it doesn’t get dusty when cleaning.

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