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Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring Brand Review-Top 5 Popular Brands

Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring Brand Names

When you have actually began reviewing your choices within the best engineered hardwood flooring brand, then you will be well aware that engineered hardwood flooring is definitely an increasingly popular and also available product, which is usually very competitively priced when compared with solid hardwood flooring (upwards of $2.20 per square foot for engineered hardwood, compared to upwards of $3.40 per square foot for solid hardwood). But how do you find the best brand of engineered hardwood flooring and is it any good, you ask?

Well, the solution to that will depend on several aspects. If you’re an architectural purist in the middle of remodeling a classic home, you might balk at the idea of installing what exactly is efficiently a composite wood product (engineered wood is made from a top veneer layer of the real hardwood adhered to several other layers of plywood or even some other wooden).

But, just like everything to do with your house, you will enjoy what you spend on. Higher end, best quality engineered hardwood which has a great 2-6 mm thick top veneer layer which can be sanded and also refinished over time (just like solid wood) and will last between 40-80 years; engineered hardwood using a thinner veneer can not be refinished and usually will not last longer than three decades. Better/the best engineered wood flooring brand will even make sure that the layers are very well adhered, that will prevent the probability of distortion which you can get with lower quality products.


The Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring Brand Reviews

Listed below are our reviews of many of the most popular engineered wood flooring manufacturers.


1. Anderson

If you are searching for the industry standard in engineered hardwood, then Anderson tend to be it! It had been the impressive crew at Anderson that first created the idea to build engineered wood utilizing their now trademarked Cross-Lock system that alternates the grain direction of five separate wooden plies to produce a plank which is as powerful as steel and also uses much less raw wood than solid wood flooring. These days all engineered wood flooring brand names & manufacturers use this similar technique – however Anderson had been the very first, and still really highly regarded among the best.


2. Armstrong and Bruce

Armstrong, as you most likely already know, are among the worldwide market leaders in most things flooring along with huge products covering all sorts of wood, laminate, vinyl, tile, linoleum as well as natural stone. With regards to reviewing their engineered wood, Armstrong presently provides a couple of primary brand names, their own Armstrong brand name plus the Bruce brand name, that was integrated in to Armstrong in 1998. While you would expect from such a successful company, they are doing possess a solid engineered wood supplying, along with currently 417 various Armstrong and Bruce engineered wood planks listed online, which are grouped in to a number of different collections!


3. Columbia

The Columbia Flooring company is among the three brand names that form Unilin, which inturn is now part of the big Mohawk Industries – it is quite complicated, indeed! However, misunderstandings apart, this interwoven website of flooring companies has an excellent reputation and also advantages from merging technological advances. For instance, both Mohawk and Columbia utilize the Uniclic locking system on several (even though not all) of their floors.

As long as engineered wood flooring brand reviews go, the collections provided at Columbia generally are not extensive (currently you will find just 15 engineered hardwood collections), but they are all quite eye-catching – and sometimes with regards to flooring, much less is more: a lot of choice can actually just be too much!


4. Eco Hardwood Flooring

If you are searching for engineered hardwood products that are best for environmental surroundings, then trust only Eco Hardwood Flooring. From its conception in 1992, then known as Eco Timber and the 1st U.S. company founded specifically for market lasting wood products, this company moved from strength to strength creating world mindful flooring in a variety of different materials. They’ve been providing engineered flooring from 1996, but in 2004 went the extra mile by being the first to supply an engineered hardwood product created with no added urea chemical, displaying further proof of their dedication to fulfill the “very highest environmental and quality standards”.


5. Harris Wood

Our next best engineered hardwood flooring brand reviews is for an historical hardwood flooring company first founded as a family issue in 1898, which went on to be integrated in to Tarkett in the 1980s and much more recently continues to be acquired by Q.E.P. Co., Inc. However in spite of these several changes it is constantly on the aim for “extraordinary customer service and our superior products exceed your expectations”.

Expert uniquely in domestic engineered wood flooring which is all licensed Made in America, you will see that the Harris Wood variety is little but really perfectly created, using hickory and also red oak greatly presented. Although their standard aesthetic seems towards much more classic appears, there are some more contemporary flooring for example the Red Oak Sterling Grey from the Traditions SpringLoc Collection and also the hickory floors in the Highlands collection is available in an on-trend 7” wide plank.

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