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Baiting System, a Major DIY Termite Control You Can Try At Home | Roy Home Design

Baiting System, a Major DIY Termite Control You Can Try At Home | Roy Home Design

With the world’s weather and climate changes, it is no doubt that termite infestation cases are starting to peak up. Whether they are living in the country area or downtown, no one can stay off this meticulous bugs. Tons of termite control service are surfacing to help people, but most of them are quite expensive. Thus, one of the alternatives is by using the Baiting system as a DIY termite control project. If you are up for this, here is the explanation for you.

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Get To Know The Baiting System 

Baiting System, a Major DIY Termite Control You Can Try At Home | Roy Home Design

You can see from the name, that this method uses bait to lure the termite. One thing for sure, it is not the same as fishing. The method that also known as a baiting system is one of the most popular DIY projects to terminate termite. Especially if there are termites that already residing in the ground around your house. So what is exactly this system? The method takes a safer way to inject the termiticide without polluting the ground or soil.

This why many homeowners who have kids and pets tend to choose this method. You will put the bait way under the ground, not on the surface. With this said, you don’t need to be worried anymore about overexposed of chemicals. This baiting system consists of a termite bait made of cardboard, paper, or any kind of termite food that combined with a slow-acting substance that lethal to termite. This DIY termite control works slowly but surely kill the termite.

How Does It Work

Baiting System, a Major DIY Termite Control You Can Try At Home | Roy Home Design

You should not expect normal fishing or any kind of insect baiting. It is because the system is way different. How could? You should understand that this method work rather slowly. You can’t wait for one or two days to see whether the project is resulting or not. The thing is, you will use a slow-acting termiticide that combined with the bait. When the forager termite found and take a nib on the bait, they will come back to the colonies and spreading it.

This cycle will happen times to times. Taking months to spread it and kill the termite a little by little. How could they spread it? If you are asking this, the answer is because of the Trpohalllaxis habit. This habit is when termite frequently exchanges food and body secretions. This DIY termite control takes that chance. You can imagine if one infected termite contact with the healthy ones. The poison will spread in the whole colony. Reducing the number and kill them all.

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What You Need For The DIY Biting System

Baiting System, a Major DIY Termite Control You Can Try At Home | Roy Home Design

So, what you need to install this system? Surprisingly, many people prefer this method because it is easier to do and saver. Despite any challenge in its installation, the system does work wonderfully. To do this, all you need is not that much. The bait and the toxicant. You can find some products that are ready-made as the bait cartridge. The termiticide or toxicant is also available in many stores. You can also look for it on the designated termite shops.

In this matter, you should consider getting an advanced home monitoring kit. The kit is one of the most basic things you need for the prebaiting step. This where you will establish a solid feeding cycle that corrupted with the toxicant. The DIY termite control prebaiting is when the foraging termite discovers and sourcing out your bait as the potential feeding source. Once they consume the bait, you should replace the bait and replenish it with a toxicant.

You can use a spider tool to replace it. In this case, worth noting that the system needs a constant monitor. That is why it is called the advance home monitoring kit. The duration of perpetual monitoring will be around every 90 days. This means it will take more time for the system to fully functioning and kill the termite colony. Another thing you can opt for is the ATBS direct bait kit. It doesn’t come with an inspection cartridge, so the regular check will be every 6 months.

Termite Bait Installation and the Challenges

Baiting System, a Major DIY Termite Control You Can Try At Home | Roy Home Design

Surprisingly, you got two options for this system. You can install it in the soil around or nearby the building as a standalone termite treatment. Or you can integrate with a barrier or liquid treatment. You can say that the installation is below the ground. So, this DIY termite control will not pour chemicals on the surface. It may sound easy since people are preferring this method, but actually, the baiting system is rather challenging in some cases.

You should install the bait in the area within the structure perimeter or suspected areas of termite activities. This, not an easy feat since they can be everywhere from the stumps, woodpiles, to the moist area. If you misplace the bait, then the termite won’t take the bait and your work is wasted. This condition also is known as a “hit” which is referred to the difficulty in getting this hungry bug to find the bait monitors or your inspection cartridge in the first place.

The difficulty will vary from every property. It can be because of the time of the year, moisture, or food availability. One of the best advice is placing the bait deeper below the ground. It has higher encounter possibilities, reaches the nest, and prevent any ground pollution. The system will take a very long time to works, thus if you do this DIY termite control you will need to be patient. The key is great planning, patience, and be persistence to reach success.

All in all, this particular DIY project is popular as it has a less expensive budget and easy installment. The method uses an underground baiting system which means your lawn won’t get exposed to the dangerous chemicals. The baiting system also renowned for its higher safety than any other method. However, worth noting that the system may take a very long time to work. At the same time, this idea also takes more labor than you ever thought.

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