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Aesthetic And Functional, Everything You Need to Know About Wood Slat Ceiling

Wooden ceilings are one of the best materials you can choose as an element in your home. You can rely on a wood slat ceiling with a linear model. It is aesthetically comparable to the acoustics’ beautiful appearance and function. To apply this type of ceiling, there is some knowledge that you should know as follows.

Aesthetic And Functional, Everything You Need to Know About Wood Slat Ceiling
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Linear System Assembly Type

To get the best look inside your home, there are three different categories that you should be aware of. It comes in panels in 4′ to 12, which can be selected according to your needs. Then you can install the product step by step with exceptional technique. Then you can also get products that are fully accessible, with the impression of hanging from the grid-like tiles.

Also, the primary variable when you choose dimensions for a wood slat ceiling is its dimensions. So, if you’re using solid wood, set a maximum width of 5”, but if you switch to a veneer option, it will fit in all sorts of ways a 10-inch width in specific linear systems. The real reason you can’t choose 5 1/4′ in solid wood is the natural shape it grows in.

It’s hard to get pieces that are wider than standard sizes. Luckily, you can use a 12” module for two different reasons – price and installation. These are the standard dimensions for an ideal ceiling installation. If you want a more comprehensive panel but that will affect your price. The length can reach a maximum limit of 12” for solid wood.

Species and Finish

Aesthetic And Functional, Everything You Need to Know About Wood Slat Ceiling

In the linear series for wood slat ceilings, there are several species you can choose from for the best look. You can have softwood, hardwood (white oak), or hardwood coating on a particleboard substrate. Selecting solid wood affects the attributes of your home ceiling. Starting with the interior of the building, your advantage to using solid wood is the choice of different species.

Along with being suitable for installation in the home, this type of ceiling material is also ideal for use outside the building. For that, you should use solid wood as the leading choice. This type of wood will survive better in that environment. There are two essential qualities that you get, namely durability and the best look. It will make the house look better.

Meanwhile, there are three finishing options for the wood slat ceiling liner system: natural beauty, blotchy look, and a denser finish. It can display a nice and beautiful finish. Also, the paint finish can hide some of the grain and appearance of the natural wood. It also gives a touch of wood character that is more modern and minimalist.

All in all, there are many things you should know before installing a wooden ceiling type with a linear model. You have to pay attention to the kind of wood used first. Then, determine the species and finishing for the wood surface to make it look better. Not to forget, you also have to pay attention to the type of wood used. We recommend that you choose a type of solid wood for long-term use.

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