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Water Stain On Ceiling, How to Remove it With And Without Paint

House’s painting is not only on the wall but also on include ceiling. However, due to its hard-to-reach position ceiling tend to lack attention. In one case, one condition can make the ceiling look worse. And one of those possible causes is the water stain on ceiling. Can you remove it? yes, you can with or without paint. Here are the tips.

Preparation to Remove Water Stain On Ceiling

The first thing before fixing or removing anything is to understand the cause. Water stains can happen due to many reasons, from a roof leak, pipes, or ceiling leak. You should identify and fix the cause beforehand. It will help prevent any worsened condition after the stain is gone. It also helps to avoid more serious damage to your home.

Removing The Stains With Paint

One of the easiest things you can do is to cover over the stain mark using paint. But still, it is best to fix the water leaking and the cause before fixing anything. The reason goes to the fact that the stain will slowly sip through the new layer of paint. It also means you will need to cover the water stain on ceiling with a waterproof option.

Tips On Removing Water Stain On Ceiling With And Without Paint

After treating the cause, you can start bleaching the stain and remove any flaking or loose paint on the ceiling. With the ceiling completely dried, you can apply an oil-based undercoat and leave it dry overnight. To make a thicker and stronger paint layer you can use a second coat to prevent the stain from peeking through again.

It can take more paint, but it is worth some serious stain problems. After that, you can give a finishing touch by using primer paint to give better coverage. In this case, it is better to pick a paint that has stain sealant or stain block title on the package. It will help prevent water stain on ceiling to appear again. And lastly is to repaint with the normal paint color.

Removing The Stain Without Paint

It is not easy to clean up the stain depending on how serious the condition is. Sometimes you can fix it only by wiping the stain, which is ideal if the water problem is in its initial state. However, it is always better to fix the cause and remove the stain accordingly. This method can also help prepare the ceiling before getting a new layer of paint.

The first thing you need is to use bleach and warm water. Be sure you have gloves and googles plus the room is well ventilated. If the ceiling is colored, you can use oxygen bleach to avoid color bleed. Use a sponge in the mixture and wipe the stain. You might have to rinse the water stain on ceiling for the second time using clean water and dry it. Remember it is only a temporary option.

As said in the article, you can remove the stain easily with the help of painting or not painting. The key is to fix and treat the condition beforehand. It helps prevent the water leak or the cause from getting worse. After that, you can pick using paint or only with the bleach depending on the severity of the condition. 

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