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Wallpaper Tips and Tricks for Home Decorations


Wallpaper Tips and Tricks for Home Decorations

Wallpaper base material is paper, type of paper used is a kind of paper with high quality, mostly come with embossed in every motive. Wallpaper is a wall decoration that has a wide variety of colors and motifs. Wallpaper is often used to change atmosphere and appearance to makes more luxurious interior design and has a significant added home value. Wallpapers are usually sold in roll form and mounted to the wall using special glue wallpaper.

Actually, the wallpaper installation process is pretty easy. You can do it by yourself in your home with a little helped by close friend or family at home. Want to try install the wallpaper by yourself? Relax, you can do it. With this wallpaper tips, the walls can be a canvas for your creativity. Before install the wallpaper, it is better to read first 16 the following wallpaper tips :


1. Removing Old Wallpaper


Wallpaper Tend to be Difficult to Remove and Requires Extra Energy

There are two wallpaper installation tips that can make easy to remove the old wallpaper.

  • When removing old wallpaper from the walls, cut and moisten with water containing liquid detergent. Remove wallpaper from the bottom wall towards the top. Be careful not to make the plaster walls is peeling. Do not forget to wear waterproof gloves and protective goggles when using exfoliating steam.
  • Moisten the wallpaper using hot water and vinegar in the ratio 1: 1. Then apply the liquid on the entire surface of the wallpaper, and set aside some time. Next, pull the yarn or wire behind wallpaper from one side to the other side, so that the wallpaper was not torn. Wallpaper is ready to be replaced.

Use Liquid Wallpaper Natural Remover for Eco-Friendly


2. Install the New Wallpaper

Clean the wall and make sure the wall is completely dry, so that making it easier when installation. For walls that have been painted, you should clean the walls from the old paint. If there is a cracked wall, should be repaired first for better results. Use glue and apply on the surface wallpaper neatly. Excessive glue can cause wallpaper surface corrugated.


Install Wallpaper Need the Right Game to Produce a Marvelous Home Interior


3. Random Patterns

If this is your first time installing wallpaper and feel difficult when determining the pattern, choose a random pattern for your first try.


Anti Mould Adhesive is the Right Choice for Wallpaper Resistance


4. Adhesives Anti Mould

Use anti mould strong adhesive on the type of vinyl wallpaper, and adhesive regular on other types. Mix according to the weight of wallpaper. Some of the wallpaper comes with installation instructions in order to adhesive smeared on the walls, not on paper.


5. Make sure Wallpaper Absorb the Adhesive with Perfect

Let the wallpaper absorb the adhesive before installation. Give time ‘absorption’ to each other wallpapers pieces with the same time. For thick wallpapers, it takes longer.


6. Leveler Roller Wallpaper

Leveler roller will flatten the embossed paper and make the paper connection seen clearly. Nonetheless, the roller is useful for the paper edges only. Moisten the area that will be coated with the edge wallpaper, and press it with a leveler roller to produce a flat surface.


7. Wallpaper Ceiling


Do not be Afraid to Buy a Pigmented Adhesives: When Dry Becomes Colorless and Leaves no Traces.

Thick embossed wallpaper is not a good choice for the ceiling. This type is too heavy for the strong bonding and dangerous because it can fall down on people below.


8. Flatten the Corners

Random patterns will help flatten the corners you want to disguise.


9. Geometric Patterns


Wallpaper with Dark Colored Geometric Patterns Applied to One Area of the Wall in the Living Room

Flashy geometric patterns can visible as if shifted when mounted on a wall that is not really straight.


10. Trash Bags

Tie a plastic bag or garbage bag on the stairs for a piece of sticky. If the pieces are scattered on the floor, it may be carried away by the footprints to another room.


11. Connection Horizontal

If you must make a connection horizontal, do not cut straight, but cut crosswise and a bit not flat. Then Overwrite with another sheet to create a connection that is barely visible.


Use Roller Wallpaper to Makes Your Work More Easier


12. Flatten Paper Wallpaper

Paper is often bubbly when first installed, but it will be uneven when it is dry. Puncture the bubbles that left with safety pins, then level the surface using a roller.


14. Section Patterned Wallpaper

Ensure that you install part of the wallpaper patterned side up. This may be trivial, but it is often happen for some people.


15. Installing Grasscloth

When installing grasscloth, flatten the length part with a brush. To avoid damage, swipe with a brush from top to bottom vertically.


16. Disguise Surface Plaster

Use simple textured wallpaper to disguise less smooth plaster surfaces or by adding interesting patterns that are not too flashy.

Hopefully, with wallpaper tips above can help you to install the wallpaper correctly. Installing new wallpaper can dramatically change the look of your home interior. That simple way to decorate and you can do yourself in your home improvement project. The key to success install the wallpaper must have good planning and knowing tricks to produce a smooth connection wallpaper, start a job in the corners, cut and install the wallpaper.


Developments Interior Design, Wallpaper Many People Love It


Wallpaper Installation Process Requires Quite a bit of Precision and Patience.


Make Sure the Flat Wall Surface, Less any Bulge, if There is a Bulge Flatten it First


Measure the Height of the Wall it First Which is to be Installed Wallpaper


To Get Results More Elegant and Unique, Use Two Wallpapers with Different Motifs on the Wall.

So, that is wallpaper tips and tricks for home decorations. Hopefully, this article can helpful for the readers. Thank you for visit our blog. Do not forget to share this article for helpful the others readers. 🙂

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