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Top 4 Value City Furniture Lift Top Coffee Table You Should Buy

The coffee table is the most important element in the family room to create a centerpiece. More than that, the furniture also serves to put items in a room. For example, you can put your TV remote, magazines, newspapers, and other items. In addition, there is also a value city furniture lift top coffee table variant that provides functionality and beauty at the same time. Here is the information!

Recommendation of Top Coffee Table Furniture
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Recommendation of Top Coffee Table Furniture

1. Tribute Lift-Top Coffee Table

There are many choices of lift top coffee tables available in the market. However, there is one that has the best quality, namely Value City Furniture. You can choose various types of coffee tables with designs and colors that suit your taste. This furniture is available in all sizes. One variant that has a nice and unique design is the Tribute Lift-Top coffee table.

The unique features of this furniture include casters that can provide convenience and easy mobility. For the color used, this coffee table has a beautiful finish, namely Cherry. Value city furniture lift top coffee table pairs with mission style details for a captivating look. The table’s unique separate sliding design features a hidden platform that can be raised for work or dining.

2. Charleston Lift-Top Coffee Table

Next, you can find the Charleston Lift-Top Coffee Table which has a unique design and warm color. This chic furniture will become a beloved item in your home for years of farmhouse design and style. In this case, the coffee table using the Poplar and Pine Solids with Birch Veneers material ensures a durable framework.

Unique features from the coffee table are top lifts to reveal hidden storage. It is perfect for blankets, pillows, remote TV, and more. Also, you will get farmhouse chic style with shutter detailing, pillar-style charm, and turned legs from this value city furniture lift top coffee table. All in all, this coffee table provides the best appeal to your space and home.

3. Shortline Lift-Top Coffee Table

Recommendation of Top Coffee Table Furniture

Shortline lift-top coffee table made with a combination of distressed brown natural pine wood. For the bottom, there are iron legs and metal accents that exude a modern industrial design. The metal rivet edge handles improve the natural urban look. Meanwhile, the convenient lift-top offers an excellent assist for dining, homework, or projects.

Also, you can find the bottom shelf at the coffee table. It offers additional storage and display space for your space. Plus, there are large casters to ensure easy mobility. For the care instructions, you can use the simple method. Wipe with a damp, clean cloth at the surface. After that, buff immediately with a dry, soft cloth.

4. Parlor Lift-Top Coffee Table

Recommendation of Top Coffee Table Furniture

The Parlor Lift-Top Coffee Table is an excellent choice for multi-functional addition to any design. It provides a work area and storage space all in one piece of furniture. The lift-top design of value city furniture lift top coffee table that’s easy to open and close becomes the perfect storage solution. Constructed of mango wood for diverse scrap texture and resilient durability.

In conclusion, there are numerous options of value city furniture you can choose from, including a coffee table. All the products offer the best quality and unique design. The best thing, you can use the coffee table due to the flexibility (coffee table, workspace, storage, and eat). Care Instructions you only need to wipe with a clean cloth regularly.

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