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Two Alternatives Outdoor Couch Cushion Replacement for Your Patio

Outdoor cushions are firm, weather-resistant pillows or seat pads that are placed on top of outdoor furniture seating, such as benches, outdoor sofas, and patio chairs. These cushions are normally constructed of robust fabric to protect them from the sun, rain, and even snow. Sometimes they get worn out by time or usage, so here are options for your outdoor couch cushion replacement.

Two Alternatives Outdoor Couch Cushion Replacement for Your Patio
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Make Them Yourself DIY Outdoor Couch Cushion

Making outdoor seat cushions is an easy and quick do-it-yourself project that allows people of all skill levels to quickly refresh existing patio furniture or give their outdoor area a facelift on a budget. Some items that you will need to make cushion replacement; upholstery fabric, cushion insert, sewing machine, sewing pins, and needle and sewing thread.

1. Make a design plan

Before you go out and buy some fabric or pull out your sewing machine, there are a few things to think about. Are you sewing fresh covers for existing cushions or constructing your patio cushions? Do you want to make a whole cushion set? These are important decisions to make before you start making your outdoor couch cushion replacement.

2. Cut and pin the fabric

The Fabric should be cut and pinned. Place your cushion insert or an old cushion on top of your fabric with the correct side facing up. Then, to surround the cushion, fold the cloth over the top. Trim the three open sides to a 14-inch seam allowance on each side of the cushion, with the seams meeting in the middle of each side.

3. Finish the edges

Place pins along the line of the cushion edge to indicate the line you will sew. With your cushion insert still inside the fabric, identify the two front corners where your fabric drapes over the corner of the cushion insert. To make clean-looking box corners for your outdoor couch cushion replacement, remove the cushion insert and sew along with the pins.

Consider Buying a New One

Two Alternatives Outdoor Couch Cushion Replacement for Your Patio

1. Things to consider

There are some aspects to consider before choosing a replacement cushion. Perhaps you prefer the look of a certain cloth or cushion, but you are too busy to clean it regularly. You should also consider the weather condition in your area before you finally decide which cushion replacement is the most suitable one for you.

2. Choosing the right materials

Whether it is wicker, wrought iron, or wooden couch, there are various options to revitalize your outdoor couch or sofa cushion. It is on you to decide which one is the most suitable cushion replacement. The tip to choose the correct outdoor couch cushion replacement is by considering the durability of the materials in any weather and condition.

Those were the tips to either make your cushion replacement or buy them from a trusted furniture store. If you are feeling crafty and desiring to improve things with your own hand, you could use the steps written above to create a cushion replacement with your own hands. On the other side, if you do not feel like getting busy on crafting, buying a replacement is a safe option.

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