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5 Important Storage Ideas and How to Organize Them | Roy Home Design

Along with the increasing of house occupants, definitely followed by the increasing of their needs. If we are not careful in controlling, we will be “stuck” in our own homes by the lot of items that we have to accommodate.

5 Important Storage Ideas and How to Organize Them | Roy Home Design

Storage Ideas 1: The Goods Are Getting Piled Up? This Is The Solution!

Almost everyone experiences this. The first time you inhabit a house, feel spacious, neat, and everything feels organized. However, over time, one by one began to change, and we just realized when we found a house not as spacious and neat as before. In fact, we are often made dizzy when we have to find a place to put a newly purchased item.

If this difficulty has come to you, then you should start thinking of the following two main things.

  1. Don’t consumptive

This point reminds us of one thing, namely directing us to buy the goods according to our needs and not our desires. To do this, there are several things that can be used as a guide.

  • First, recognize what is your character? In this way, surely we will only buy items that really are our needs. Prioritize usability aspects rather than just for decoration. A function is the most important consideration to determine the items we will buy.
  • Second, in buying goods, adjust the model and size by paying attention to the concept of building architecture, area, and room function. Choose furniture that proportional and also can raise the room scale.
  • Third, look again on who will use and need that item? How many people are at home and how old are they? A six-seat dinner set is certainly not right to buy now if the house occupants are only two people.
  • Fourth, pay attention to the lifespan of each item in your house and choose a model that can guarantee it can be used longer. For example, when buying a baby crib, choose a model that can be modified along with the baby’s age increased until some time future ahead.
  • Fifth, if you are bored with certain items, replace the old item with a new item whose have the same function. Don’t let both of them displayed together and make the room look crowded.

5 Important Storage Ideas and How to Organize Them | Roy Home Design

  1. Changing behavior

After every item has been purchased with well-selected, it’s time for you to build good behaviors and habits in the house, especially about discipline and neatness in managing items at home. As a guideline, you can apply the 5 concept. This concept originates from the Japanese philosophy about housekeeping, which is widely applied in large companies. This concept can also be applied to the management of goods at home. The details in this 5 concept are as follows.

Compact – What item must be kept?

Fill the room with efficient and functional furniture, even if possible, multifunctional furniture is a great idea. Don’t stack less important items.

Neat – Store items with rules

Store items based on shape, size, and color or based on their function. For example, store books with books, tableware with other tableware. The goal is that when you want to use it, the items are easy to find and get.

Cleanly – Cleans the storage area

This means cleaning the storage area so that it is neat and comfortable to look at and used for activities. Avoid furniture that does not fit the storage area so that it takes up more space and minimizes space. Provide cleaning equipment as well.

5 Important Storage Ideas and How to Organize Them | Roy Home Design

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Maintenance – Routinely control the warehouse

The point of this rule is that everyone must be disciplined when using goods. Take it and put it back to its original place after used it. Another point is, do the cleaning at any time so that the storage area is always clean, so spared from the nasty animals. (rats, cockroaches, termites).

Diligent – Making it habits

Storing goods in its place is an obligation for every occupant, not just a housekeeper’s duty. Every occupant of the house must do the four things sincerely and manage their personal items carefully.

Storage Ideas 2: Art of Arranging Goods

  1. Match the function

Placing goods based on their functions will make it easier when we want to use it. For example, supplies for toiletries, place them not far from the bathroom.

  1. Know the character

The item’s character determines where it should be stored. For example, fragile and heavy furniture should be placed at the bottom so that it is easy to take and safe for the goods itself.

  1. Look at the shape and size

To be neat and efficient, adjust the shape and size of the item with the storage area.

  1. Know the frequency of usage

Place more commonly used items in more accessible areas.

  1. Maintain the security

Valuables are put in a place that is invisible and not easily taken by people. If possible, also complete it with special access so that not everyone can take it.

5 Important Storage Ideas and How to Organize Them | Roy Home Design

Storage Ideas 3: Room Arrangement Till Optimal

When the storage rooms are full because of the stacking of goods, maybe you are confused where more items can be stored. These needs are usually related to the increase of new family members, new hobbies, or increasing collection objects. You might immediately search for “remaining areas” or “dead spaces” that are considered to be a new storage area.

What is called remaining space? It turns out that the term of remaining space does not need to come out if we organize the space effectively, according to Suzan Christian, interior designer of Suzan House. “There is no term of remaining space. There is only space that is not managed and not used optimally,” explained Suzan. ” The space due to certain positions and conditions sometimes is difficult to utilize or ignored.”

The sloping space under the stairs for example, according to Suzan, cannot be directly called the remaining area. This area is actually ideal for warehouses or cabinets as well as TV shelves. Another case if the size is relatively small, which is awkward to be utilized, so according to Suzan, it can be called the remaining area. However, that does not mean that it cannot be managed because the area can still be used as a shoe or book room.

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Storage Ideas 4: Initial Planning

“The most important is good initial planning. In fact, if needed, extra storage space can be provided which sometimes the place is unexpected but instead, it looks unique,” explained Suzan, who admitted that she was often challenged to be more creative in managing for limited space.

Look at the space that can be managed creatively as a storage space that also has other important functions that do not interfere with each other. For example, under the stairs can be made a storage drawer with a number of steps. Alternatively, space under the window can also be used as a storage space.

“In fact, the space between frames in several rows of windows can be made storage space,” Suzan added. So, for example in the living room, there are four windows, there will be three spaces between frames. This is where open or closed niches can be made for storage cavities.

Storage Ideas 5: Tips for Optimal Storage Area

Some places allow being used as storage space. Here’s an example:

  • Under the step of the stairs,
  • In between the window and the floor,
  • Between rows of windows,
  • Above the door frame or window,
  • Under the floor that forms heights due to the leveling difference.

5 Important Storage Ideas and How to Organize Them | Roy Home Design

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