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5 Types of Square Acrylic Coffee Table to Boost Your Space

There are many different types of a coffee tables. However, if you intend to create a light and fresh look for your room, the acrylic table is the best representation. In this case, you can choose many types of design from this specific square acrylic coffee table. Here is a recommendation for five of them!

5 Types of Square Acrylic Coffee Table to Boost Your Space
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Recommendation of Square Glass Coffee Table

1. Tapered Leg Rectangular Acrylic Table

A tapered leg square modern coffee table is a great addition to any space. The clear glass top and acrylic legs fit in with any decoration, providing the ideal surface for displaying your beautiful treasures. Use it as a focal point or accent piece in your living area. The tapered leg type is the perfect mix of luxury and trendiness, with sharply cut items that emanate refinement.

2. Square Acrylic Desk With Bottom Shelf

The glass desk with the bottom shelf makes a bold statement and weighs around 38 kg. The table is a double-tiered exquisite design of a square acrylic coffee table made of glass, acrylic, and polished stainless steel adds more space to any classy living room. This coffee table is ideal for contemporary, modern, or transitional settings because of its excellent modern design and exquisite features.

3. Sculpted Leg Square Glass Table

5 Types of Square Acrylic Coffee Table to Boost Your Space

The square glass table with sculpted legs will look great in a modern living room design. The clear acrylic frame and legs are made of clear acrylic and give the impression of open and transparent. The clear tempered glass top allows you to see the carpet or flooring details.

4. Square Acrylic Table With Polished Nickel Bars

5 Types of Square Acrylic Coffee Table to Boost Your Space

A transparent acrylic desk has a unique capacity to be both stylish and inconspicuous. The specific rectangular table with polished nickel bars is bold and futuristic square acrylic coffee table with its slab design, but it goes with everything from rustic wood to cold metal to leather. It’s an ideal pick if you are looking for a modern style with endless versatility.

It usually comes in two different sizes. The small size is around 122 centimeters in length, 50 centimeters in width, and 38 centimeters in height. On the other hand, the large measurement is 132 centimeters long, 101 centimeters width, and 38 centimeters height.

5. One Piece Style

5 Types of Square Acrylic Coffee Table to Boost Your Space

The one piece acrylic coffee table is perfect for your modern living room or office space due to its trendy waterfall design. The solid side tabletop is made of thick molded acrylic and will accommodate a range of items such as computers, plates, magazines, and books.

The end square acrylic coffee table’s transparent glass material makes it ideal for use as a coffee or dinner table. Glass table is easy to clean. All you need is a moist cloth and wipe the surface. Its weight capacity is 50 kilograms with a thickness of 2 centimeters.

The acrylic table comes in any type of design. Tapered legs, sculpted legs, polished nickel bars, one-piece, and an acrylic desk with bottom storage are a perfect choice if you want a modern ambiance in your room. The five examples have the same rectangular shape surface. You have to choose a specific bottom or legs to add an accent to your space.

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