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Removing Water Stain On Wood Floor (Depend On Stain Types)

Water stains can happen anywhere on any materials, from flooring to ceiling. One of the peculiar and complex cleaning methods is the wood floor. Due to the nature of wood to absorb water, the stain can get rather stubborn to fix. Depending on the severity, you can see that every method of removing water stain on wood floor will be different. Here are some of them.

Removing Water Stain On Wood Floor (Depend On Stain Types)

3 Types of Wood Floor Stains You Should Consider

Older Stains

Older stains are the most persistent but also easier to clean due to the condition of old dried marks. In general, you can get it cleaned with the help of commercial products of water marks remover. There are also some products under the hardwood floor cleaner items or magic eraser, which is an easy sprat and clean product.

But if you are looking for DIY, some unique ingredients might do the job. You can try mayonnaise on a cloth on top of the watermark. It can absorb the stubborn marks, but surely take patients. If you want some rubbing actions, try to use a paste made out of olive oil and salt. Rub the water stain on wood floor and let it sit for 20 minutes and see the result.

Some other unique ideas also include using white toothpaste. You can add baking soda to improve the effectiveness before buffing the floor with wood grain. Baking soda and vinegar live oil can also help remove the stain. The key is to buff the floor gently. And the last DIY is to press the hot iron on top of a thick cotton cloth. Hold it for some seconds and see if the marks are gone.

Removing Fresh Stains

Fresh stains can be removed easily and quickly. You need to buff the area with a soft cloth and absorb the water. You can always buff it gently with the grin of the wood. Since it is a freshwater stain on wood floor, you can also use a blow dryer to dry the moisture. Sit will help you ease the problem, buff the area back, and polish it as the final touch.

Black Water Stains

If the water has seeped beyond the finish of the wood, it can appear as a black water stain. It is the worst type of stain that hard to fix. In this case, you can try to use bleach on the first try. You likely need to sand off the finish before using bleach to rub the marks. After the bleach dry, you can start to refinish the wood.

Removing Water Stain On Wood Floor (Depend On Stain Types)

When the marks are not going with bleach, you can always try the wood bleach. The process is similar. Starting with removing the finish, use the bleach, wait, and neutralize the bleach. Dry the floor and refinish it. Some DIY ideas to clean the water stain on wood floor is using toothpaste. Only use the white paste and rub it gently following the wood grain. It might not work, but you are free to try.

It can be seen that some stains might need some extra actions to remove the stain. From one way to another, the key is similar. You can say that you likely need to use bleach or wood bleach. With the proper items, you can bring the wood getting back to its initial looks. It does not need to take too much, just patients and a good method.

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