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Reasons Why You Should Install Basement Egress Window

Do you need some extra space at home? Basements are one of the simplest ways to do that. However, basements can be too dark to use as it is below the surface of the land. That is why you should install basement egress windows for your basements. It will give extra light for use the most of it. Check out more to find more reasons why you should install it!

Reasons Why You Should Install Basement Egress Window

What are Egress Windows?

Egress windows are large openings that can be used as a secondary exit in case of an emergency. It is also an energy-efficient window as it adds more natural light to your basement. This way, the basement will feel warmer and more inviting. By installing basement egress windows in the basement, you can use them for bedrooms or other living spaces.

4 Basement Egress Windows Benefits You Should Consider

1. Safety for the house

As mentioned above, egress windows can be used as an emergency exit. This emergency exit will be useful in case of fire. Egress windows will drastically increase the chances of a safe escape in the event of a major house fire. This will provides entry points into the home for emergency personnel too. Egress windows will act as one of the proper escape plans and routes.

2. Increasing value of the house

By installing basement egress windows in the basement, the house will have more value added. The reason is that the basement of the house can be used for more types of rooms besides the storage room. The basement can be used for bedrooms, living rooms, and more. The calculations of overall square footage will be added to and beneficial when the home is on sale.

3. More comfortable basement

Through egress windows, the basement will dramatically brighten. The natural light will be easier to get in and give more warmth to the basement. This will bring more comfortable vibes to the basement. The room will be healthier to use too because basement egress windows can act as natural ventilation. The air in the basement will be dampened no more.

4. Stylish design added to the house

The ugly, damp, and old basement will be no problem anymore. By adding egress windows with a nice design, the basement will look prettier or at least decent to live in. Purchase windows with good liners to mimic natural materials. This is a cost-effective, easy to install, and still attractive makeover to the house. Add small planting beds to add a little fresh look under.

Cost to Install Basement Egress Window?

Reasons Why You Should Install Basement Egress Window

The typical range to install egress windows is $2,544 to $5,302 with a national average of $3,904. This average price is including the materials per window and the installation. The materials themselves cost $100 minimum and so does the installation per window. The total cost of the basement egress windows purchase and installation are depending on the size of the windows, number, type, and more.

If you have an unused basement, start installing egress windows to give you more space to use. You can not only have a storage room but also a bedroom for children or a living room where children can freely explore. The windows will also act as a proper escape plan in case a house fire happens. With a worthy cost, you will get pretty windows with the most advantage.

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