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Pest And Mildew Prevention And How To Control It | Roy Home Design

Pest And Mildew Prevention And How To Control It | Roy Home Design

Controlling pests is one factor in creating comfort in your home. Homeowners sometimes have pets, such as birds, cats, dogs, fish, and chickens. However, the presence of animals is not always pleasant for homeowners, becoming an annoying pest for the homeowner.

The presence of pests can damage the building structure and threaten the homeowner health’s. The climate in a country also plays a role in their breeding. Some kinds of pests are easy to breed in wet climates. However, in some countries with dry climates, it’s difficult for some pests such as insects to survive.

These pests will disturb the house coziness. For example, the smell of a dead rat in the attic, which if not cleaned immediately, will appear maggots so that bacteria and germs can easily spread entirely the house through the vents or air ducts.

Another problem that arises is mildew. Mildew can appear due to high humidity levels. This can reduce the air quality which also reduces the health level in the house.

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Best Tips To Prevent And Control Pest Infestation

Frequently, various pests come into the house, for example, insects (ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites); reptiles (lizard, gecko); rodents (rats).

  1. How to Get Rid of Ants in The House

Pest And Mildew Prevention And How To Control It | Roy Home Design

Ants often disturb the occupants suddenly, but this is reasonable because there is a saying that where there is sugar, there are bound to be ants. Usually, ants come in large numbers and nest in several corners of the room and the yard.

Ants live in colonies that have their respective duties. To get rid of annoying ants, it needs effective prevention. The method is, the sources favored by ants such as food, remnants of food, and spills of soup need to clean ASAP. If there are many ants in the house with an unnatural amount, it means that the house is not clean.

Store foods such as sugar and bread in tight containers. Store ready-to-eat food in the refrigerator. Ants enter the house through cracks and gaps between walls and the floor. The path can be closed using cement.

To get rid of ants completely, then the nest extermination needs to be done. Ants can know that in the house there is food because it can smell the pheromone produced by other ants. This pheromone is a guide for new ants to enter the house.

To find the ant nest, you follow the ant trails.  After the nest is found, spray it with an insecticidal solution. If you want, you can hire a pest control service. Generally, pest control services use several processes, dusting, poison baiting, and spraying.

The Methods to Prevent Ants from Swarming Your Food

If in the corners of your house or food on the dinner table are crowding with ants, the easiest way to prevent it is to mark the ant’s path traces using insecticide chalk. Ants that pass through the insecticidal chalk will die.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

Pour half or one teaspoon of liquid soap into the water. Water from used laundry can be a cost-effective option. Surely the ants will leave that place.


  1. How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Away from Your House

Pest And Mildew Prevention And How To Control It | Roy Home Design

Regular home care can prevent cockroach’s invasion into your house. Cockroaches bring many germs that can harm your health. To find cockroach nest in your house can be seen if there are dead cockroaches, their shedding skin, feces, and their typical smell.

The types of cockroaches that are often found at home are Blatella germanica (German cockroach) and Periplaneta americana (American cockroach). Cockroaches come because of scattered food debris. So, how to keep cleanliness at home to prevent cockroach attacks as follows.

  • Clean floors regularly.
  • Clean drains regularly.
  • Close the trash can tightly and make sure there is no scattered food debris around it.
  • Wash cutlery after use.
  • Close the storage area tightly.
  • Filled the cracks or gaps in the floors or walls using cement.
  • Clean the cabinets regularly, because of cockroaches like damp and stuffy areas.

You can kill cockroaches using chemical methods. A drainage is a potential place for cockroaches to make their nest. You can use liquid or chemical powder to the gap between walls or under the cabinets. Poisonous bait can also be used to kill cockroaches.


  1. How to Prevent Termite Damage Away from your House

Pest And Mildew Prevention And How To Control It | Roy Home Design

Termites are very easy to breed in the tropics. Termites often attack parts of buildings made of wood such as sills, doors, windows, ceiling frames, and roof frames. There are three types of termites, namely damp wood termite, dry wood termite, and subterranean termite.

Termites attack buildings due to direct contact between wood and soil, cracks in the walls, or damp area in the building structures. The easiest way to deal with it is with baiting techniques.

Bait laced with toxic chemicals is installed around the building perimeter or suspected areas. Then the termites will eat the bait. Termites that have eaten the bait will transfer the bait to their colony. In the end, the entire colony will become infected and then die. If you have any problems, you can hire a termite control service.

Tips on How to Detect Termite Nests Around Your House

To find out whether in an area there are termites or not, you can stick a wooden beam into the ground. Wait for 3-4 weeks, then remove the wooden beam. See the wood if decay and termites attached on it, then in that area there is a termite colony.

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  1. How to Keep Mosquitoes Away and Flies from Your House

Pest And Mildew Prevention And How To Control It | Roy Home Design

Mosquitoes and flies are very often a major problem in the house. Apart from being annoying, flies and mosquitoes also carry germs that can endanger all residents in the house.

One of the mosquitoes that carry germs is Aedes aegypti. These mosquitoes are active during the day and become an intermediary for dengue fever. These mosquitoes breed in clean and calm water because running water can kill their larvae. Typically, this mosquito makes its nest in the water storage, used cans, empty pots, and bottles.

Therefore, you should regularly clean the potential places for the mosquito to make their nest at least every four days. Throw away stagnant water. You can also do prevention and control using chemicals, for example, with liquid sprays and fogging.

Flies carry germs that can harm health. Flies often attack meals, landfills, and food scraps. So, clean up food debris immediately after eating. Close the meal tightly. Clean up cutlery after use and scattered trash. Cover the trash can so that it doesn’t invite flies to come.

Quick Tips to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Clean the drains regularly, put a mosquito net on the vents. You can use mosquito repellent as well. Prune out dense bush. Dispose of trash properly and close tightly to avoid water stagnation.

Cost-Effective Way to Get Rid of Flies

If there are lots of flies at home, there are natural ways to get rid of them. To do this, a clear plastic bag filled with water and then tied with a rope and hung around the place where the flies swarm. The flies will stay away.


  1. Simple Tips on How to Rat-Proof Your House

Pest And Mildew Prevention And How To Control It | Roy Home Design

Rats are nuisance animals that are easy to breed. Rats easily carry bubonic plague. Rats often make their nests in crevices in walls, crevices in floors, dirty cabinets, sewerage, ceiling frames, and other potential places for their life cycle. Rats like dirty places as a place to live.

There are several ways to prevent rats from entering your home. First, take good care of home sanitation. Good sanitation will be effective in reducing rats attack. Second, remove unused items in the house or stored them properly, clean, and neatly so that they do not become places for rats to hide and nest.

Third, store food in a tightly-closed place, such as a refrigerator. Store rice and flour in a cabinet or rice box is the best solution. Rats are also very good at entering holes in houses, such as cable holes in the ceiling and holes in bathroom drains. For this reason, the cable hole is closed with wire netting, while the bathroom hole is closed with a floor drain.

If rats are already roaming in the house, there are several ways to deal with it. A mousetrap can be an alternative option. Prevention using poison bait is highly discouraged because rat corpses will have a strong odor and are very difficult to find. Ultrasonic waves can be used as well. The frequency of these waves will make the mice confuse, so the mice will stay away and leave the house.


Mildew Prevention Method And How To Get Rid Of It

Pest And Mildew Prevention And How To Control It | Roy Home Design

Air is composed of several components, one of them is small-dot water. In certain conditions, the air has the maximum ability to save more water. This ability is influenced by the temperature factor.

The level of water droplets in the air is related to the maximum ability of air to save water, which is called relative humidity (RH). United states have a fairly high RH level. The very high RH level will affect the health condition, construction strengths, and the house looks.

RH levels in the United States range from 70% to 80%. In buildings, high humidity is not only caused by a high level of relative humidity (RH) but also caused by capillary power (permeability) in groundwater. Another possibility is leakage from areas that have water content, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or water tanks. This condition coupled with a high RH level will increase the humidity level in a room.

A damp room is a potential place for bacteria and mildew to breed. Therefore, items or equipment will get decay easily. For example, electronic equipment, clothing, and printed items such as books and photographs.

Some areas in the house that are often attacked by mildew are walls and ceilings. Indications if the area has been affected by mildew are.

  • Fleck or patterns of bricks appear on the walls
  • Stains appeared on the walls
  • Stains like white patches on the walls and ceilings because of water seepage.

To prevent mold attack, you should increase the opening spots such as windows and vents. Don’t make direct contact between wooden furniture and wall, the purpose is to make air circulation. Cabinets should not be filled too full to get adequate air circulation.

Tips on How to Get Rid of Mold

To get rid of freshly mold or has recently attacked walls and ceilings or even furniture, you can use vinegar, fungicide, or disinfectant liquid. The steps; a cloth dripped with vinegar; rub gently on the affected area. Rub repeatedly with vinegar and a clean cloth. Don’t use a brush to clean mold because the mold spores will spread to other places, such as furniture surfaces, sofas, or inhaled by humans.

If the mold attack has been long and dense, for example, on the ceiling due to a leaky roof, then immediately repair the leak and replace the ceiling or repaint it. Sanitation installations also need to be considered to prevent a new mold.

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