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6 Eye-catching Large Floor Vase Filler Ideas You Should Know

Floor vases are perfect choices for home décor. It is also an easy way to spruce up a room, and it grabs visitors as soon as they enter your house. While you love displaying floor vases as is, sometimes it needs a bit additional touch in the form of fillers. Luckily, there’s a vast selection of large floor vase filler ideas. Here is some information on what to put in a floor vase.

Vase Fillers You Can Choose to Fill Up a Floor Vase

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Vase Fillers You Can Choose to Fill Up a Floor Vase

  1. Silk Flowers

One of the filler vases that you can choose as decoration is artificial flowers. Realistic-looking fake flowers are available in many styles and colors. Sometimes its beauty rivals that of natural flowers. For example, you can choose artificial orchids as fillers for the vase. The artificial flower is a classic choice that will never go out of style, as are calla lilies.

  1. Glittery Twigs

Who doesn’t love glitter? Of course, many people will not leave a touch of sparkle. You can display this sparkle combined with twigs and branches to fill a vase. As a suggestion, you can give it a charming look with shiny silver-plated twigs. It makes a solid white, and large floor vase filler ideas match a striking color with glitter.

  1. Led Branch

Aside from adding some glitter to the flower stalks, how about adding some cozy twinkles? For a dramatic effect, display several branches with LEDs in a tall vase. However, you need to pay attention to its use so as not to overdo it. Use two or three of these decorative lights, and the vase looks instantly perfect. Combine LED prongs with regular prongs to add a fantastic amount of sparkle.

  1. Jumbo Fur

You can choose simpler flower fillers for those of you who don’t like the sparkle of the sparkling LED lights. Use ostrich feathers to add a soft touch to your home decor. Not only that, but this fur will also add a festive and glamorous impression. As a suggestion, black, white, or a mix of both are classic choices for large floor vase filler ideas. You can also mix several colors for a stunning home look.

  1. Cotton Stick

Vase Fillers You Can Choose to Fill Up a Floor Vase

Cotton rods are a pretty charming decoration option. These fillers usually have a small, cozy cotton ball on top. This beauty, of course, will add interest and warmth to your floor vase arrangement. Cotton stalks also provide a charming touch as they have a rustic charm. So, it will look even better in a natural bamboo vase.

  1. Artificial Leaf

Vase Fillers You Can Choose to Fill Up a Floor Vase

In addition to these elements, another decoration that deserves to be used in a floor vase is fake leaves. These elements make for the best fillers to choose from to replace real leaves. Silk leaves will look great in almost any room and add a touch of warmth to your home décor. You can select many fake leaves as large floor vase filler ideas, such as palm leaves, violin leaves, etc.

In conclusion, many elements can be included in the floor vase. You can choose it from the most superficial part, namely the rod. Then, add decorations in the form of glitter or LED lights. If you want it to be simpler, you can use other elements such as fur, artificial flowers, or fake leaves.

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