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Installing Curtain Rods to Upgrade Your Room Decor

Curtain rods are essential for decorating your room, and make an attractive appearance for the windows especially. Installing curtain rods can complete your room with privacy, prevent harsh sunlight, and decorate your windows perfectly. However, you must pay attention to how the curtain rods are installed. Here are the easy ways to install it.

Installing Curtain Rods to Upgrade Your Room Décor

Curtain Rods Installation You Should Consider

1. Prepare the Materials

Before installing the curtain rods, you should prepare the required tools for the installation. The average tools that you need are screws, screwdriver, tape measure, pencil, and level. Where these will help you during the installation process. Ensure each tool are safe and functions well when used, it will make it easier for you during the installation of curtain rods.

Then prepare the curtain rods and brackets that will be installed in your room. You can adjust the size and styles of the curtain and the number of brackets when Installing curtain rods. It is highly recommended to choose the most appropriate one with the room theme for the color and motif of the curtain.

2. Measure the Height of Hanging Curtain Rods

Before hanging the curtain rods, you should determine how high your curtain rods will be hung on the wall. As much as possible, avoid the installation space that is too high or low. Because the appropriate rods hanging will give the perfect look to the curtain covering the windows. Help you to create a wonderful room through a multifunction curtain.

You can use a tape measure and pencil to measure the height of curtain rods installation. You need to consider the height and depth of the window when installing curtain rods. It is for knowing the proper space between the window frame and curtain rods. In general, the space is 4 – 6 inches above the window frame. Ensure the curtain extends past and is not too shallow.

3. Hanging the Curtain

Installing Curtain Rods to Upgrade Your Room Décor

After the curtain rods are installed, you can start hanging the curtain on the rods carefully. You can use a screwdriver to install the brackets properly. If your curtain material is heavy, you might need wall anchors to strengthen the curtain rods. Ensure the height and balance of the curtain is fit to cover the windows perfectly. It aims to get the perfect look of the curtain at the end.

After the curtain hangs, the process of installing curtain rods is finished. You can look at the installation first to ensure if the curtain hangs in the right way or not. Fix it until it is perfectly hung. Installing the curtain rods might be easy for some people, but it is important to take a look at the details needed. Because small errors can affect the results of the curtain display later.

Installing a curtain rod for a room can make the room look nicer, but you also have to be careful when the installation. Because the installation of these rods affects how the final appearance of the curtain will be. So, it would be better if you minimize errors by installing carefully. In the end, the curtain will be installed perfectly and can upgrade the look of your room.

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