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Home Inspiration Ideas for Decorating Styles (Part 2)


The Best Sources of Ideas and Inspiration to Choose the Style of Your Home Decorations (Part 2)

In a previous article, we have discussed home inspiration ideas for decorating styles (Part 1). In this article, we will continue to discuss the next tips about home decorations inspiration from the past.

Some people are often tired and bored with the home decorations that exist today. People want something different, but do not cross the line of aesthetic rules. One solution is to observe the home decor from the past. Today many people are more interested in decorating styles from the past, not only have a unique style, but also have a very valuable historical.


2. Inspiration from the Past


Beautiful Home Decorations by Inspiration From the Past

Sources of inspiration from the past are very varied. Each has advantages and different characteristic. Different times, are also have different styles of decorations. However, home decorations from the past can be classified into several types.


1. Georgian Home Decorations

The symbol of elegance. Georgian style began to be known since the 16th century in the United Kingdom and then spread to America. In America itself, Georgian style combined with the Neo-Palladian style that originally from Italy. Room with good proportions, smooth colors and luxurious furnishings is typical Georgian style. Georgian style tends to use windows with large size and tall. The windows largely intact but divided into small squares on the glass.


Georgian Home Decoration – The Symbol of Elegance


Luxurious Georgian Home Decoration by Interior Designers


2. Neoclassical Home Decorations

Inspired by symmetry. A neo-classical style is an adaptation of Greek and Roman discoveries in the 18th century. The neo-classical style looks luxurious and elegant. Architectural forms that characterizes it was furnished with classic details and mythological.


Neo-Classical – A Symmetry Design Interior


Beautiful Neo Classical Home Interior Design


3. Gothic Home Decorations

In the beginning, gothic is an architectural style that simpler to save the budget that at time still going on a crusade. In the gothic era also began to use the iron material as the dominant element to be implemented for windows, chairs, stairs, tables, and doors. Iron make the room look dark and mystical impressed. A unique style that always comes with his trademark ie, curved arc sharp, carved wood, gilding, and concentrated colors with black dominant especially for floors and walls.


Curved and Sharp is Characteristic Gothic Style


Gothic is Identical to Black Color


4. Victorian Home Decorations

History of Victorian design rooted in the nineteenth century in England during the reign of Queen Victorian. Diverse styles with a long history. Victorian design is identical elegant impression with ornamentation. Usually starts on the pattern and coating, the use of velvet fabric with plentiful floral motifs. Antique furniture, seat buckles, solid and dark colored.


Chandelier makes Perfect the Victorian Home Decoration

victorian-home-decor-themes-for-interior-design-decorating-ideas-with-luxury-glass-pendant-light-and-luxury-curtains-designs-for the-best-living-room-interior-design

Victorian Home Decoration have Elegance Ornament


5. Art and Craft Home Decorations

Reaction to the hassle of Victorian style. Arts and Crafts originated in England at the end of 19th century and is characterized by stylish decor reminiscent of medieval times. Vanguard William Morris, who carries an illustration style that is rich in decorative arts that have high value skills. His trademark is simple flowers and foliage motifs on the wallpaper and fabrics, and furniture made by hand. This movement rejected the furniture produced by the factory and decorative accents that apply at the time, and embrace the natural beauty and traditional craftsmanship. Has many similarities with shaker style.


Wood is main Material for Furnitures in Art and Craft Home Decor


Art and Craft Furnitures Made by Hand


6. Art Nouveau Home Decorations

Meandering style. Unusual organic forms are seen from architecture to accessories. Artistic forms in their own time were oriented to the classic style of Greek Roma dominated by primary geometric shapes such as triangles, rectangles, ellipses, and circles. Has many interpretations of this style, such as the Art Nouveau version of Tiffany in the United States, and the style of Charles Rennie Macintosh is more geometric.


Floral Element is Very Dominant in Art Nouveau Home Decor


Charles Rennie Macintosh is the character of the Art Nouveau


7. Art Deco Home Decorations

Jazz age. In the field of architecture itself, the insistence expression Art Deco appears in the Chrysler Building in New York, designed by William van Allen. Forms a smooth and quick, shiny texture combined with a single color scheme. Art Deco can also be said to be derived from the awareness of the need to simplify the complicated forms of Art Nouveau.


Art Deco Home Decoration Represents the Modernization of the World is so Fast


Art Deco Home Decor is Purely Decorative


8. Bauhaus Home Decorations

The term is derived from the alloy “Bauen” (to build) and “Haus” (house). Design found in Germany has designs and materials for the industrial world were developed for residences. Glass, chrome, and plywood used creatively, by emphasizing the shape and texture rather than a pattern.


In the Beginning, Bauhaus Focused on Issues of Art and Craft


Bauhaus is an icon of Art and Architecture, who was born due to the industrial revolution


9. Style 1950-1960 Home Decorations

New modern style with furniture made of fiberglass, plastic, and metal. Have characteristic coils shapes or oval and patterns graphics or geometric with basic colors and sharp.


1950-1960 Home Decoration is a New Modern Style


Style 1950-1960 is a Transitional Design to Modern Times


10. Scandinavian Home Decorations

Natural elements design are simple and fresh. Widely applied in western countries, especially for interior design has a principle of simplicity, usefulness for each room, but without ignoring the elegance, glamorous and beauty. Wood was pale and neutral colors. The furniture is designed with a perfect and simple lines are the hallmark of this style. The houses in the style of the Scandinavian nation has the characteristics of naturalness in the room, the use of paint color elegant white walls, and strict lines. The use of lighting is a very important element in interior design.


Usage of White on Floors, Ceilings and Walls are Characteristic Scandinavian


Neutral Colors Dominate the Design of Scandinavia Home Decorations

So, that is home inspiration ideas for decorating styles (Part 2). Hopefully, this article can helpful for the readers. Thank you for visit our blog. Do not forget to share this article for helpful the others readers. 🙂

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