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Home Inspiration Ideas for Decorating Styles (Part 1)


The Best Sources of Home Inspiration and Ideas to Choose the Style of Your Home Decoration (Part 1)

We all want a beautiful home and stylish. However, to realize that dream is not easy. There are some various factors that can influence and there are several possibilities so that often create confusion. As a an initial understanding, there are some basic elements of home decorating styles that you should know.

1. Color


Color Wheel for Home Interior Decorate

Color creates atmosphere and is used to change the proportions of the room visually.

2. Patterns and Textures


Pattern Wallpaper with Floral Design


Beautiful Texture White Wall for Interior Home Decor

Patterns and textures helping to define a style, a mix and matching of these two elements would change the overall impression.

3. Furniture


Furniture Indian Ethnic to Create Theme Interior Design

The furniture will form a spatial context directly. The window decorating gives character to the room, began from the traditional curtains to blinds more efficient.

Before redecorating a house, you should first live in the house for several months to identify some of the detail section of the house and feel all the rooms at different times. It also gives you time to learn the interior home design and the best style according to your wishes. There are some easy tips that you can do.

1. Look at your Neighborhood Building


Modern Design Architecture in Decorating Ideas

Observe decorating buildings around you conscientiously, such as the decoration of shops, hotels, houses that are open for public.

2. Reading Books


Interior Design Magazine for Home Inspiration to Decorate

Reading books or magazines are also a rich source of information about home inspiration. Additionally, you can also find some articles about home decor from the internet.

3. Enrich Your Data Source


It’s Important to Analysis a Home Decorate to Develop Ideas

Observe some mismatched decor and another matching decor that is useful for enriching your data source. Analysis of color, pattern, texture, and shape of the decor.


The Source of  Home Inspiration for Decorating

However, to simplify and stimulate the inspiration to come out and produce a best idea to decorate the house, there are two sources of home inspiration that you can observe, home inspiration from the surrounding environment and home inspiration from the past.

1. Home Inspiration from the Surrounding Environment

  • Architecture : if the room has high ceilings or a large window with an ornate?
  • Favorite Objects : is there a special piece of furniture, carpeting, or special accessories that you can use as a starting point?
  • Natural : beaches, forests, gardens in autumn, or a cloud in the sky, all the elements can be a source of awesome inspiration color scheme.

Home Decor with Simple Element Design


Arabian Home Design with Characteristic Decorate


Modern Home Design with Beautiful Decorate


Beautiful Home Design to Create Inspiration Home Decor


Simple Home Decor for Traditional Home Design


home inspiration ideas for decorating styles (Part 1)

To easier to understand of this article, the part of ‘the source of home inspiration from the past’ will be discussed in the next article on “home inspiration ideas for decorating styles (Part 2)”. So, don’t you miss it!

So, that is home inspiration ideas for decorating styles (Part 1). Thank you for visit our blog. Do not forget to share this article for helpful the others readers. 🙂

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