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Get To Know The Installing Curtains Over Blinds Simple Tricks

The combination of curtains and blinds is an underrated duo that needs to be appreciated more. These two collapsing beauties can indeed change the style of your room dramatically. Window treatment such as curtains over blinds offers you flexible utility and aesthetic functions. So, you should get to know the right way in installing curtains over blinds you can find underneath.

Get To Know The Installing Curtains Over Blinds Simple Tricks

4 Main Factors Installing Curtains Over Blinds You Should Consider

Consider the design and the type of blinds first

Deciding on the best type of blind is the first step you need to do. Preparing to select which color and fabric will work together in your room is important because you need to pay attention to some of their utilities. Each blind has different functions according to its type. That is why you must define the kind of window treatment look that you are trying to achieve.

The materials that are popular for blinds are usually made out of timber because they give a natural accent to the atmosphere. The effort of installing curtains over blinds made out of timbers is preferred more because of this exact reason. If you love the contrasting aspect of this combination, you can try cool-colored curtains for neutral-colored blinds pairing for a crisp appearance.

For the living room, you might not need heavy blackout curtains that restrict any light into your house because you want to feel the warmth of sunlight. You can combine translucent curtains over metallic blinds, which you can close during the night. On the other hand, these blackout curtains can instead be put in the bedroom where you need extra privacy for resting.

Refrain from combining print with print

Prints are exciting and allow your room to look full of life. Installing curtains over blinds that are printed can overpower other decorations in the room, especially if there is a limited area. Therefore, you must pay attention so only one of your curtains or blinds is printed. Ideally, you can use solid color blinds to be put together with patterned curtains instead.

Mix and match your combinations across the house

If you own an extra budget to buy various curtains and blinds, you can feel free to hang different colors or patterns as your window treatments. Using a wild imagination and creativity, you can produce new combinations. Match their design with the room atmosphere that you are trying to achieve. A living room might need less privacy than a bedroom, you can hang two different designs each.

Get To Know The Installing Curtains Over Blinds Simple Tricks

Prioritize the coziness of your room

Installing curtains over blinds by using sheer roman shades with timber blinds will bring out a relaxed ambiance in the living area for medium privacy. It is very important to consider the impact you want to get from pairing a curtain and blind in one place. Sure, you can make a statement out of your decorations, but don’t forget about the comfort of the people in the house.

Windows are not an afterthought when designing a house, they’re important focal points in your house. To control the impact of excessive sunlight without totally blocking them from the eyes of homeowners, window dressings will bring you a greater dynamic. Combining curtains and blinds can also secure a homeowner’s privacy. So, are you ready to make your house look striking?

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