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4 Consideration Factors Before Hanging Curtains from Ceiling

Before hanging curtains from ceiling, you should know the tips and tricks to make the installation easy to do and the results look neat and beautiful. Why it is important because installing a good and beautiful curtain can add to the great impression of a room. Here are tips and tricks for hanging curtains properly.

4 Consideration Factors Before Hanging Curtains from Ceiling

4 Consideration Factors Before Hanging a Curtain

1. Curtain Rod

The first step before hanging the curtain is deciding where the curtain will be installed, and it will cover the window. After that, you can start by installing the curtain rod in an appropriate place, which is above the window frame. You also need to consider the shape, height, and type of window as well as the ceiling height of the room. Because this will later affect the final appearance of your hanging curtains from ceiling.

2. Curtain Height

The height of this curtain will later affect the final visible curtain. For this reason, it is very important to place the curtain rod in the right place, fit in the middle and close the window well. For standard curtain sizes, make sure that the curtains are placed above the window frame at a distance of half the size of the top window frame.

It is different if the ceiling distance is high, then the curtains can be installed at a distance of 4 – 6 inches above the window frame. Because of the high distance, the installation of large curtains will make the window look taller. It can be a solution for low-ceiling rooms, you can install curtain rods closer to the ceiling so that the windows look higher with appropriate ways of hanging curtains from ceiling.

3. Window Width

According to the height, the width of the windows and curtains must be considered. Because it will determine whether the curtain will fit in the middle of covering the window or not. You can calculate the width of the window carefully, to decide the installation distance of the curtains.

The standard distance of a curtain is about 4 – 10 inches from each left and right side of the window frame. It aims to prevent the curtain pile up so that when it opens during the day. The greater the distance between the curtains, the wider the window will look. Furthermore, later the curtail will look just right in the center when it is finished.

4. Curtain Size

4 Consideration Factors Before Hanging Curtains from Ceiling

You also have to pay attention to the curtain size before hanging curtains from ceiling. The size of these curtains will directly affect how your room will look later on. It would be better if the curtains installed were sized according to the size and shape of the window, so that the curtains would be able to cover the window perfectly.

Installing a curtain does require a lot of consideration and attention. Several things need to be considered, such as the things above. With the right installation, it is hoped that the curtain can present a better and more beautiful appearance to the room. For this reason, you can start looking for suitable curtains to be installed in your home.

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