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5 Leather Accent Chairs Care Steps To Keep It Stay Beautiful

Taking care of an accent chair with leather material can turn into a nightmare. The beautiful material tends to have its initial looks for just a couple of years. After a long wear and tear, plus very intense uses, the leather accent chairs can turn into a big mess. But there are always care steps that allow you to make the chair spotless, beautiful, and durable. Here are the steps.

5 Leather Accent Chairs Care Steps To Keep It Stay Beautiful

Things To Do To Take Care A Leather Material On Chairs

1. Vacuum The Chair

The first thing every chair cleaner needs to do is to vacuum the leather material. It helps eliminate crumbs, loose hair, dirt, debris, and much other dander or problem. In this case, cleaning and properly taking the dirt will help remove the stain better. It also prevents pushing the dirt even further on the material, which can make the leather get even worse.

2. Get It Wet

The next thing you should do is to wet the material with soap and water. However, be sure to check the furniture cleaning standard guide. Each material type has a different treatment. You can see it from the label. W is the leather accent chairs’ material that can withstand water or distilled water-based cleaning agents.

S is a symbol translated to clean with solvent only based cleaner. SW is solvents or distilled water, and X or O is a symbol for vacuum only. Based on the symbol, you can use saddle soap or mild laundry detergent to give a great clean. Use a microfiber cloth and a bucket of warm soapy water to gently massage. Give a gentle rub and wring the cloth from time to time.

3. Treating Stains

After removing stains and dirt with a vacuum and wet cloth, you can start treating the sofa with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Sometimes you will find unseen stains after vacuuming and wetting the leather accent chairs’ surface. If you found one, dab the stain and avoid rubbing the material.

4. Drying Up The Chair

After cleaning and treating the stain, you can start drying the chair using a towel. It is easy to do, but it is always best to let the chair dry completely overnight. There is a chance that the leather will grow mildew or the water will crack the leather. In this case, it is best to completely dry and only use it again if the seat after a night or more. 

5. Treating With Leather Conditioner

5 Leather Accent Chairs Care Steps To Keep It Stay Beautiful

Treating the leather is not required for cleaning, but it is necessary to help you take care of the surface. In this case, you can always use the commercial leather conditioner to prevent the material to crack over time. The condition of cracking on the leather accent chairs is unavoidable, but it sure aids in keeping the chair in its peak condition.

Generally, the idea of working with a leather chair is mostly about proper and regular care. It includes cleaning and treating stains. It does take time and effort if the chairs are constantly used. But for an additional seat, it might only need a quick once or twice a year. The key is about vacuuming it, wetting the leather, treating it, drying it up, and using treatment. That is enough. 

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