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Wall Covering Ideas for a New Home Decoration


Wall Covering Ideas for a New Home Decoration

Wall covering ideas can comes from anywhere, books, magazines, Internet, and environment. Generally, the wall is a dominant aspect of a room. The type of wall coverings you choose will determine the overall appearance of the room. In addition to choosing a good appearance, you also need to decide the best choice in terms of practicality.

Basic Things to Consider Wall Covering Ideas


Basic Things to Consider Wall Covering Ideas

Are the walls are still in good condition? Does the plaster had started to peel? Does humidity become a problem? Is it time partitioned the wall? Covering up usually will waste money and effort, because the end result will not look satisfactory and any serious damage, such as moist, will soon damage the new decor. So, make sure you have overcome the problems associated with the structure, use the services of experts.

Wall covering ideas must synchron with the function of the room. It’s important too to consider the practicality of these wallcoverings. For example, a bedroom wall and kitchen need to be porous air and moisture resistance. Front lobby and stairs are often scuffed and scarred fingers, therefore, use a solid material and the surface is easy to clean.

Using Professional Services

For some jobs, such as installing wallpaper in a tough spot, or painting a high stair, it is better you to use the services a professional decorator. Make the estimated time and cost of construction, a minimum from the three experts advice, and compare it with similar service providers: some experts provide repair services as well as providing material, while others only provide services only, excluding material supply.

Disguising Defects in Solid Walls


Actually, innovation wallcovering or wall coating is no longer a novelty in the world of interiors

The walls were solid structure with little flaws that are less unsightly, can be decorated to disguise the imperfections. Avoid using glossy wallpaper, because it will highlight the defects in the plaster. Disguise uneven surface plaster or tile unsightly, can outsmart use wood varnish, laminating, or fabric. The tiles were still strong attached, can be painted or coated with new tiles. Wall covering ideas need your creativity to make change wall appearance.

Wall Covering Ideas: There are a Variety of Options that You can Choose


Wallcovering interior in addition to functioning as a decorator and enhancing the aesthetic value of the room, also serves as a silencer and balancing humidity

Wall covering has a wider variety of materials. If explored deeper, basically paint and wallpaper were included in the category of wall covering. Because literally, they are also a wallcovering. However, the development trends of interior, wallcovering more commonly known as the application of wall coating besides paint and paper. All of these things we can use to dig deeper to find the wall covering ideas.


Avoid installing the wall cover on all sides of the wall

The paint, generally has an economical choice. Paint color can be adjusted to almost any desired gradation, and you can create special effects with it, ranging from the basic color washing, to paint a mural and trompe l’oeil. (Trompe l’oeil is an image that closely resembles the original, as if the object were drawn was real).

Wallpaper is very varied, including an attractive textured paper, whose the design using fabric that equivalent or balanced, as well as wallpaper with a pattern of time. The price also varies. There are several types of wallpaper are more easily installed.


Matching wall cover with a simple design furniture that looks not tiring

Tiles is a solution for a “wet” places, as well as suitable for use in the places that require solid and easy to clean surface. The selection of tiles is limited to ceramic tiles only.

Laminated boards often used in anti-surface water. Laminating materials may contain different types of patterns, colors, textures, but the most popular types is marble and tile. These boards can be installed on the ramp the wall, or if the wall surface is perfectly flat, can be glued to the wall using special wood adhesive.


The walls are part of the house is always exciting to be decorated

Wood varnish by a pretty skilled amateur will have no trouble varnishing deficiency or former timber on the ramp. The wood can be oiled, waxed, dye, or painted, but do not forget to test the color prior to the wooden parts that are not used, because the color may change when applied on wood.

Hessian cloth (burlap), silk, linen, felt and other fabric materials can be glued on adhesive paper and can be installed like wallpaper. Fabrics are not glued on adhesive paper can be pulled to encase wooden board liaison. Both this work should be done by experts.

Luxurious wallcoverings, we are easily tempted by grasscloth and leather coverings. However, remember that these materials are very expensive, difficult to install, and may be very easily damaged.


Wallpaper is a great way to decorate any room


The impression of natural, tropical, modern, to contemporary designs can be be tricked by exploring the wall in terms of both material and finishing aspects of wallcoverings


The walls are essential elements in a house, both functional and aesthetically


Many ways can be done to modify the design of the wall becomes more interesting and unusual


The wall ppearance is closely associated with the atmosphere of the room. Changing the design of the wall means to change the atmosphere of the room


Vinyl coating is also easy to clean. However, these coatings should be avoided from mold


Want to renovate the bathroom walls but with minimal funds? Use the rest of the wood pallet in the house or around your


Wallpaper is an alternative decor wallcoverings in its application is practical and easily

So, that is wall covering ideas for a new home decoration. Hopefully, this article can helpful for the readers. Thank you for visit our blog. Do not forget to share this article for helpful the others readers.

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