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Shock Collar Fence For Dogs with Safe Operation

Shock Collar Fence For Dogs

Shock collar fence for dogs (shock collars) have already been clinically proven by leading veterinary colleges (for instance the University of Pennsylvania) and found to get zero adverse physiological results on the dog. According to the correction level setting, the shock that your dog gets might be identical to the shock you will get while moving out of a car, running your feet throughout a carpeted floor, or perhaps touching a television screen. The objective of the stimulation is not really to cause pain, but instead to get and also redirect the attention of the dog away from the unwanted behaviour such as leaving the limitations of your house.


Are Shock Collar Fence For Dogs Harmful?

Absolutely no, electric/shock collars aren’t dangerous or even inhumane while used correctly. Electric dog fence systems just like the PetSafe UltraSmart enable you to select from several correction levels to ensure that you have the perfect amount of correction for your specific dog.

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PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300 This dog shock collar fence Petsmart can be among the best products available on Amazon online marketplace. Many people ranked dog shock collar fence Amazon as great to use. Its features include the following:

  • Includes a single transmitter and also a collar;
  • Completely changeable circular perimeter up to 90 feet (27.4 m) in all directions;
  • Collar fits neck sizes of 6-28 ins (15-71 cm);
  • Easy installation. All you need to do is to switch the transmitter on. That is it;
  • Waterproof collar;
  • Automatic shut-off. When the dog leaves the perimeter, the corrective shock will be activated for half a minute and after that will not switch on for 5 minutes;
  • You can easily join many circles! For example, you and your neighbour can set a couple of transmitters in order that the circles might overlap. By doing this your own dogs could play together!
  • High portability. Incredibly easy to carry and also utilize;
  • Fits best for dogs of 8 pounds (3.6 kg) and even more;
  • Dimensions: 11 x 12 x 9 ins (27.9 x 30.4 x 22.8 cm);
  • Price approximately: 260$.


Shock Collar Fence For Dogs Review from Customers:

“I have an 11 pound Yorkipoo and also a 30 pound bichon rat terrier. Works well for both on a minimal shock setting. Began using on both because pups and have been utilizing the original equipment for 9 yrs with no issue”. (Amy G.)

“My experience more than about Six months is definitely the system functions superbly. I have gotten absolutely no troubles” (Stan Boyle)

“The corrective device can easily fit on to any kind of nylon collar so if the stock collar does not fit you can find another collar that does” (Rik Guyler)

Concerning the installation: “It’s very easy, but… follow the official directions, however, you actually plug it in and then change the dial to the radius that you would like” (Jennifer Baldwin)

About the outdoor utilize: “…you are not able to even place it someplace that it will get below freezing” (Mmagee)

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Pros and Cons Shock Collar Fence For Dogs


  • No physical fence maintenance
  • Doesn’t change your landscape designs
  • Provides security for your dog whilst also giving them freedom
  • Some local neighborhoods and also towns possess fencing rules or maybe prohibit fences entirely so this can be accomplished in trade
  • Protects your dog from traffic, unknown people, and also some other risks beyond the border
  • You do not must be an electrical installer to install it
  • Cheaper than any other a regular fence
  • Helps train your dog


  • Must examine battery power frequently
  • Installation might take some time
  • No defense against some other animals getting inside the border


A lot of dog owners get worried that the shock collar fence for dogs will hurt or even psychologically devastating to a dog. Nevertheless, when you hold the receiver (collar) in your hand and also hold it over the border line you will see that it is nor painful or shocking, however merely irritating. Quite simply, it is an secure and efficient prevention.

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