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Octopus Coffee Table with Detailed Sculpture

Octopus coffee table is the mysterious luxury of 1 of the sea s most unique inhabitants in this skillfully made bronze octopus coffee table. Hidden among the list of refuge of an coral reef, the vibrantly shaded octopus appears to be sensing its way through its underwater environment. For an designer, this sculpture reveals many satisfying problems.


White Bronze Octopus Coffee Table

octopus coffee table 21

octopus coffee table 19

octopus coffee table 17

octopus coffee table 16

There is nearly infinite details with the form, contours and motion of the octopus. But after many years of research and observing these animals, white octopus coffee table could present the viewers to a fresh knowledge of their beauty and majesty through the energy of sculpture. This efficient artwork represents an even of artistry few other musicians and artists nowadays can match, it’s the perfect centerpiece for just about any office or home.

octopus coffee table 20

octopus coffee table 18

octopus coffee table 05

octopus coffee table 09

octopus coffee table 13

octopus coffee table 07

This is actually the bronze ‘Cephalopod’ with an even glass top coffee table. It could be purchased with or without a 36″ spherical, or square wine glass table top as a coffee table, or without wine glass as a sculpture.

octopus coffee table 03

octopus coffee table 02

The glass table top sets carefully and firmly together with three tentacles!

octopus coffee table 10

octopus coffee table 08

There are a huge selection of cephalopod species round the world. That is my interpretation of the major types known: Pacific Large Octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini). Recordings show it grows to 600 pounds. At least 100 of the cephalopod kinds have three hearts. All of them are amazing and as smooth as the oceans where they live. They may be intelligent with an extremely developed brain and severe eyesight, and are experts of camouflage.

octopus coffee table 11

octopus coffee table 12

octopus coffee table 14

octopus coffee table 04

Place two, or even more together to make a longer table. Or commission rate a octopus coffee table, or sculpture!

octopus coffee table 15

octopus coffee table 06

octopus coffee table 01

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