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Home Decor – Recessed Lighting Cost, Types, How Worthy Is It?

Recessed lights are metal light housings that are installed for a sleek appearance on the ceiling. The average diameter of a recessed light is 3 inches to 6 inches. Recessed lights are often an option to give a spacious impression of the room. If you’re interested, you might be thinking how much does recessed lighting cost? Is it worth it? Read this article more to find out.

Home Decor - Recessed Lighting Cost, Types, How Worthy Is It?

3 Things You Should Consider About Recessed Lighting Cost

1. Types of recessed lighting

There are 3 types of recessed lighting that you need to know. The three types of recessed lighting are ceiling recessed lighting, wall recessed lighting, and in-ground recessed lighting. The three types are distinguished based on the place where the lighting is placed. Ceiling recessed lightings are the most commonly performed type. Walls are widely used to provide lighting on a pathway while in-ground type for outdoor use.

2. Pros and cons of recessed lighting

Before considering the recessed lighting cost, you should consider the pros and cons of using recessed lighting. The advantage of using recessed lights is that they don’t take too much space. The installation inside the wall makes the room look bigger. This type of lighting can also act as a spotlight that is suitable for reading areas, working rooms, or study rooms.

Two things are not very profitable about the use of recessed lighting. The first is that because recessed lighting is single directional light to the ground, this type of lighting is not too bright to illuminate the entire room. One room will need several lamps at once. In addition, not all houses are suitable for this type of lamp.

3. The cost of recessed lighting

Home Decor - Recessed Lighting Cost, Types, How Worthy Is It?

For installation, you will probably need about $400 to install one fixture. The recessed lighting cost depends on the type of fixture chosen, the condition of the house ceiling, and if there are some obstacles found during installation. It is recommended to hire a local electrician at a rate of around $85 to $105 per hour to keep expenses down.

If you consider installing it yourself, the costs that will be deducted are only limited to professional electrician payments. You will only need to spend on equipment and materials. However, in the end, the costs incurred still depend on the type of lighting you choose, not on the labour fees for the installation.

The manufacture of new construction for the recessed lighting makes up most of the recessed lighting cost. Especially if the initial house construction is not very suitable for recessed lighting. The second is the material, the type of recessed lighting you want. Next is the wiring and labour fee, if you intend to use professional personnel.

Recessed lighting installation cost has the greatest influence on the type of lighting to be installed. There are 3 types that you can consider according to your needs and costs. Also, consider the pros and cons of using recessed lighting because the costs incurred will not be small. Installing without a professional is quite recommended because it can reduce expenses.

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