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Hanging Curtain Tips for Small Space Looks Spacious

Curtains add a bonus point to your room. They can make an apartment look even more stunning, compared to when it is empty. Curtains complete a room, filter the light, and add more colors. There are also tons of options when it comes to picking the right fabrics or colors. The following hanging curtain tips can assist you in deciding which curtain is the best for your apartment.

Do's and Don'ts Hanging Curtain Tips For Apartment

Do’s and Don’ts Hanging Curtain Tips For Apartment

Don’t be afraid to go wide with your curtains

Living in an apartment usually only offers you one or two small-sized windows. So, you will think to yourself that having smaller curtains will leave a bigger space for you. A recommendation for you is to buy wider rods for you to hang your curtains. When you hang a curtain on a wide rod, it will give you an immediate visual effect, where your window look more enormous than in reality.

Pick the appropriate type of fabric materials

It is most important to pick the right type of fabric according to its function, the second hanging curtain tips will help you in picking the right curtain. If you live on the higher floor of an apartment, you might want to choose a heavier fabric curtain that will obstruct extra light from outside and for extra privacy. You can try a lighter linen fabric to feel the breeze during summer.

Don’t buy curtains that are too short

The fabric of your curtains should be long enough to touch the floor unless you are trying to buy a curtain for non-moving decoration. Tall curtains can give an eye trick where your ceilings become taller. For a romantic look, you can hang a flowy and long curtain. By knowing these hanging curtain tips, you can measure and find the right height for your curtains.

Hang your curtains high

If you put your curtain rod in a higher place that is closer to your ceiling, your window will seem taller. This is perfect for a small apartment. To give your room a nice and impactful illusion, you can install the curtain rod at least four inches above your window frame. Combining the wide and high curtain rods at the same time will help you achieve a trick for bigger windows.

Regularly steam your curtains

Do's and Don'ts Hanging Curtain Tips For Apartment

Cleaning your curtains is also crucial in maintaining your apartment’s hygiene, with the help of these hanging curtain tips can make it easier for you to find the best way to clean a curtain. This may not sound important, but your curtains can wrinkle easily. To keep it hygienic, you can start by using the steam machine to clean all the curtains in your apartment frequently.

Hanging the right kind of curtains can improve the look of your apartment heavily. Your choice of color or the height where you hang the curtains in your room will benefit in enhancing the look of your area. A lot of factors might be important in helping you achieve the desired curtain look. Think about it wisely, and do consider some of the hygiene tips for a better apartment!

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