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Easy Fix To Water Stain On Wall, You Should Know!

Water stains due to many reasons can make homes look old and rusty. When it is left like that for long, the stain can get even worse and decrease the overall house’s aesthetic. So, what should you do to fix the water stain on wall? Similar to the ceiling problem, you got to make sure to fix the cause of the stain before fixing the wall. Here is the easy step to do.

5 Steps to Fix Water Stain on Wall

1. Fix The Problem Before Cleaning The Stain

Fixing the stain won’t be 100% without cleaning and repairing the cause. In many cases, the causes of stains are pipe leaks or water exposure. Without repairing the cause, the stain will keep coming back. Try to find the issues, such as the gasket or water hose. If needed, call for professional help since some leak might require opening the wall.

2. Dry The Stain

Some stains might have been there for a long time. But it can stay wet for some reason, mainly due to the leak is not fixed yet. If so, you need to dry the water stain on wall completely. You can use a dehumidifier or high-volume fans. It is not a must, depending on the severity of the damage to the wall.

Easy Fix To Water Stain On Wall, You Should Know!

3. Scrape And Peel The Loose Material

With the wall completely dry, you can start cleaning every loose material on it. Some cases show that you might find the heavy damage that makes the wall peel its pain. In this case, you can always use a painter’s knife or putty to remove it. Do it slowly and avoid adding too much force during cleaning the wall. Or else you will chip too much wall material and drive you to the bigger wall repair cost.

4. Use Bleach To Clean Mold

Sometimes, the water stain can lead to more serious wall conditions such as mold. The water stain and humidity in the rooms are the main reasons why mold appears on the water stain on wall. If it happens on your wall, try to disinfect it with a bleach-mixed water substance. You only need one cup of bleach and a gallon of water. You can wipe the stain and dry it.

5. Repair And Paint The Wall

It might take time to fully recover the wall as it used to be. After the bleach, you might have to wait some hours to days to ensure the wall is dry. When it is dry, you can continue by repairing any damage. It works with drywall mud or joint to fill some chips and cracks. Let it dry, and paint the water stain on wall with a stain-blocking primer, add a second coat and top coat for the finishing touch.

In many cases, the problem of stains on the wall can be fixed in a very quick and easy manner. The key is to fix the water leak and the cause of the stain. After that, you can start cleaning up the stain, peeling the damage, fixing the wall, bleaching, and painting it like how it used to be. If you do it properly, the stain won’t come back.

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