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Cost to Paint Ceiling and the Equipment Everything You Need to Know

Painting the ceiling is one of the things that homeowners forget or ignore. As a consequence, they miss out on crucial design features. A fresh coat of paint on the ceiling may completely transform and improve the overall appearance of your home. Thus, read on to know what are tools you’ll need and how much it will cost to paint ceiling.

All About the Ceiling Painting Prices and the Materials You'll Need
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All About the Ceiling Painting Prices and the Materials You’ll Need

1. Detail Information on Ceiling Painting Prices

The prices to paint the ceiling varies depending on the type of paint used and your region. Because a ceiling’s average size is roughly 12 feet, painting it can cost anywhere from $116 to $150 to $213 to $350, based on the quality of the paint you choose. You should expect a 50 percent increase in price if you want two coats.

You should expect to pay at least $1 to $3 per square foot on average. Furthermore, you can expect to pay more or less $1 per square foot for a single room. A pint of paint can cost anything from $36 to $45. That cost to paint ceiling will cover up to 400 square feet of ceiling. So it means you will only require less than a pint for a standard room (12 x 12 square feet).

There are generally three types of ceilings: grid or drop tiles, popcorn ceiling, and molding crown. The cost for those three ceilings vary. Painting for grid tiles can cost at least $ 1.000 and up to $2.300. Meanwhile, popcorn ceiling installation costs around $800 to $ 2.500. It’s anywhere from $500 to $1.500 for the molding crown.

If you tend to paint the ceiling yourself, you must be aware of the common mistakes. The first one is not removing or peeling the old paint and the coating being uneven. Besides the cost to paint ceiling, you’ll also have to be aware of other mistakes, such as painting the ceiling too thinly or thickly and not all surfaces are covered.

In addition, labor (prep, setup, and cleanup) consumes the majority of your expenditure. However, if you decide to use a professional service, regardless of the size of the room, they usually demand a minimum range from $200 to $300. it’s all because most professionals will give you the total price rather than calculating expenses per square foot. 

2. The Materials You’ll Require to Paint Your Ceiling

All About the Ceiling Painting Prices and the Materials You'll Need

You’ll save money by painting the ceiling yourself rather than paying a professional. The essential items you’ll need are brushes, a gallon of paint, drop cloths, masking tape, rollers, and thinner. Thus, you may anticipate the cost to paint ceiling ranges from $200 up to more than $600 on materials in total.

All in all, understanding the pricing range before you begin to paint your ceiling will help you identify all parts of the budget where you may save money. Whether you want to paint it yourself or decide to hire a professional, knowing how much it will cost to paint a ceiling is essential.

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