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5 Unique Things You Never Know About Christmas Tree Shop Furniture

The Christmas Tree Shops Furniture has developed through the years since its purchase by Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amy Eshuys continues to be an important part of the development of furniture buying duties at the merchant. For doing that with a lot demonstrable achievement, she’s one of this year’s Impact Merchants.

A New England-based operation initially, Christmas Tree Shops continues to be growing under Bed Bath & Beyond ownership coming into new marketplaces in the Middle Atlantic States, the South as well as the Midwest. Simultaneously, Bed Bath & Beyond has been upgrading the shop style and also giving an extra naming “And That!” to the banner because they want to show people in new markets a knowledge that the retail store operation is much more than just a seasonal products supplier.

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Because Christmas Tree Shops has changed, Eshuys has had to do the same as well, both in store and also online store, and her nomination for vendor as an Impact Merchant shows gratitude in how she has done so.

If you’re probably enthusiastic about their super-low price tags and also fun finds, however do you really know the tale behind the retailer that asks, “Don’t you just really like a bargain?” Take a look at just what we have learned about this most popular shop:

1. It began as summer Season Christmas gift store in Cape Cod.

Like the name suggests, the shop did begin as a shop all about Christmas. Mark and Alice Matthews launched The Christmas Tree Gift Shop in a barn in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts in the 1950s. In contrast to many holiday shops, The Christmas Tree Gift Shop had been start May through October, when tourists had been going to Cape Cod.

2. The owners resided right above it.

In the 1970s, Chuck and Doreen Bilezikian purchased the store and also migrated their family in to the apartment above it. Finally, they enhanced the shop beyond decorations and gifts, stocking holiday stuff just like seaside towels and sunscreen too – and then they rest, as they say, is history.

3. There is an interesting thing about the extra “S.”

It is official name is Christmas Tree Shops (plural!). That is for the reason that initial location was made up of a trio of buildings: the Front Shop, the Back Shop and the Barn Shop (which mostly sold penny candy).

modern-christmas-tree-shops-Christmas Tree Shop Furniture

4. Almost all of the New England places are created to accept the elegance of classic buildings.

Bed Bath & Beyond purchased this company in 2003 for $200 million and has since extended it nationally. Today there are more than 85 places, many known as Christmas Tree Shops And That! ( a chew, honestly) to better reflect the broad variety of products they sell.


Only the Cape Cod location really does. And also, another Massachusetts location features a lighthouse style.

5. The name is deceptive now.

It’s not all about decorated christmas tree sale or even artificial christmas tree sale. In reality, it’s generally a discount shop, selling furnitures, kitchen supplies and also themed goods for all holiday seasons. Due to the fact it’s a liquidation outlet, Christmas Tree Shops purchases merchandise that does not sell somewhere else at lower expenses.

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