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Painted Coffee Tables, Here are 5 Brilliant Ideas to Create It

There are numerous things that you can pick to transform a room so dramatically. One of the great options is choosing a coffee table. But sometimes, this table doesn’t match your home decoration. Thus, you need some ideas to makeover a piece of furniture. In case you want to make DIY, here are brilliant ideas to create painted coffee tables.

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Tips and Tricks to Transform Painted Coffee Table Look

  1. Shabby Chic Style Coffee Table

This style is easy and effortless to turn your basic living room table into the trendy barnyard style. All you need is some materials and tools around you. The first material that you should prepare is white latex paint for the table color base. Then, you need to provide baking soda, a sanding sponge, varnish, and a paintbrush to make this simple project.

  1. Harlequin Coffee Table

If you are looking to add a touch of class stylishness to your living room, you might consider this style. Harlequin paints are great ways to make your space look different. Some materials that you should prepare are cottage white chalk paint, painter’s tape, sanding sponge, and also clear sealing wax to make painted coffee tables.

  1. Stencil Style Coffee Table

In case you like a little fancier design, then considering a table with good paint and beautiful stencil is the best option that you can choose. There are several materials that you should prepare to make this material, including white paint. Prepare the material, such as chalk paint in two colors, clear sealing wax, stencil brush, and painter tape.

The basic steps of this DIY are painting the tabletop. Then, apply stencil painter’s tape. Be careful to put on this material if you don’t want to make a mess of your project. After that, allow to dry and remove the stencil. You can also repeat this process until it meets your style. The next step to make painted coffee tables is sealing every surface of it with wax.

  1. 5-Minute Makeover Coffee Table

Are you looking for a quick fix table? Then, you need to apply this idea. Prepare some materials to continue this project, such as faux wood contact paper, rubbing alcohol, flexible smoothing tool, and knife. Don’t forget to clean the table surface, before you start the project. Cleaning the surface is essential to make your project go smoothly.

You need to get rid of all the sticky residue first. Use your chosen cleaners, but the last step should be complete with rubbing alcohol. This step is beneficial to remove all the residues and oils. The next step is slowly peeling back and starting to fix the contact paper on the tabletop by starting at one end. Use a knife to cut off the excess contact paper.

  1. Vintage Style Coffee Table

Paint the entire coffee table with aqua chalk paint. Then, allow to dry and coat in cottage white chalk paint. To make these painted coffee tables, you need to sand them down to allow both colors to highlight, and add a distressed effect. Apply two layers of clear wax and buff for a beautiful coating. Then you can get the best-painted coffee table in your space.

Those are some ideas to create a coffee table more dramatic. You can use several methods to makeover your furniture, including painting. Numerous styles you can choose, such as vintage style, 5-minute makeover, harlequin, stencil, and shabby chic style. Hopefully, you can take on your DIY project to transform your coffee table.

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