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Here Are 5 Ercol Coffee Table You Should Buy

One of the main benefits that you will enjoy when you buy a coffee table is the functionality to keep items neatly in the living room. It includes remotes, candles, magazines or books, drinks, food, and cellphone. In addition, the ercol coffee table also is a great way to brighten up your space since available in numerous designs. Interested? Then, check this further information!

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Ercol Coffee Table, Stylish and Eye-Catching Design

  1. Table with Magazine Racks

The first coffee table that you can choose is featured with racks. These tables have spindles constructed on the lower shelf, which provides the table a two-tiered appearance.  This table is providing a handy storage area for magazines and books. Meanwhile, the tapered legs and fluid rounded edges on the table top can add this piece of furniture an organic feel.

  1. Drop Leaf Table

The next recommendation coffee table is a drop-leaf design. This table is the reintroduction of a 50’s design with its splayed. The classic design performs a simple but has a contemporary vibe. Besides that, this ercol coffee table has the added space-saving flexibility of drop leaves on either side when the table is not in use. Thus, making it perfect for smaller houses.

  1. Plank Design

This stylish coffee table boasts open facing tapered legs. Also, there is a solid texture with striking rounded edges to create a simple but modern touch. This table has lacquer finishes that protect the timber, whilst allowing you to choose the look to match your style and decor.  Alternatively, you can choose for ercol’s paint finishes giving a pop of color.

  1. Luca Design

The Luca table is perfect for a wide variety of home designs. It is made using a combination of modern furniture making techniques and handcrafting. Thus, these tables offer flexibility and choice for the homeowner. Also, this ercol coffee table can be used individually or combined to create larger surfaces and are designed to stack, allowing for compact storage when not in use.

  1. Bowl Design

This table brings the minimal aesthetic of the Scandinavian design. The bowl medium table is made from sustainably harvested mango wood. Supported by shaped steel legs, this table comes in a range of finishes and sizes that looks eye-catching alone or in groups. In addition, this table is available in a wide variety of sizes to mix and match in your living room.

However, the best part of this table is provided in numerous finishes. You can choose ercol coffee table finishes to include natural mango, smoked grey mango, black stained mango. But the natural color of this table can give a stylish overall look that is perfect for your space. For these reasons, this table is the perfect option if you want to add a beautiful touch to your home decor.

All in all, the right coffee table can give a great deal of versatility to any home design. You will have a perfect overall look to your living room if you choose this furniture. These tables provide additional stuff to magazines, remote, and other home items. Numerous options that you can choose from; bowl design, Luca design, drop leaf, table with racks, and plank design.

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