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7 Reasons Why People Like Used Swimming Pool Slides | Used Swimming Pool Slides

On this web page you will see so stunning design concerning 7 Reasons Why People Like Used Swimming Pool Slides. Detail regarding images above, you will see from the next section.

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Swimming pool slides are usually lots of fun and ready for use. Because they are definitely not mechanized, we do not usually think about routine maintenance or else repair problems – but they do exist.

Within the last 10 years, swimming pool slide construction has been improved, and this has led to much less servicing or repair problems.

For example, pool water slide are no longer created from a fiberglass shell, using a thin gelcoat surface. Rotomolded polyethylene, or perhaps thermoplastic acrylic surfaces are utilized these days, with the color all the way through. As well as swimming pool ladders are very different too – gone are the flimsy aluminum legs, many pool slides now have a closed ladder design, which will not just seems much better, but is more secure as well.

However, even these types of new style pool slides will require cleaning, maintenance and also repairs. And, you will find a large number of aged swimming pool slides installed in the united states, looking for some tender loving care.
So after that – here is a simple article on how to clean and maintain an used swimming pool slides, plus some information about making some common swimming pool slide repairs by yourself.

Swimming Pool Slide Cleaning

Cleaning a pool water slide is required every couple of months to help keep the authentic appeal of your swimming pool slide. Pool ladder treads and also the top of the pool slide deck can easily catch dirt and also dust, held quick by air-borne oils and also pollutants. Hair products, skin lotion and also tanning oil residues can be left out by people, and your swimming pool slide could become the occassional target for for wild birds flying overhead. The swimming pool slide legs, which can be powder coated steel or aluminum, can create scale or perhaps corrosion on the surfaces and around nuts, bolts and also flanges.

Swimming pool slides get dirty – and need at least an annual cleaning.

For all surfaces, if you clean it frequently, you will just need to utilize a little bit of dish soap and also a soft cloth. To get a much deeper cleaning, you can slowly utilize a granulated chlorine powder (not pool shock!), such as Bon Ami or maybe Clorox powder. Please don’t scrub too hard, and only use a soft cloth. Windex (Ammonia) can be utilized to create a shine or quick wipe downs. Additionally you are able to use Formula 409 or Fantastik cleaners.

Uhh – Don’t utilize these chemicals! Avoid using abrasive scrubbing pads, and do not work with vinegar, Lysol, Pinesol, or even some other general purpose cleaners or maybe disinfectants to clean a swimming pool slide. Whatever swimming pool cleaners you choose, don’t utilize an excessive amount, to help keep the remains from entering into the swimming pool. Several pool cleaners consist of phosphates and also nitrates which are ideal kept out of your swimming pool.

Steel or aluminium swimming pool ladders and legs can be cleaned using the same cleaner, and also rinsed on to the swimming pool deck. Frequently, a quick wipe using a soft clean cloth plus some windex is completely you may need. Utilize Bon Ami for scale deposits on aluminium.

For salt water swimming pool, indoor swimming pools or even pools by the ocean, it is strongly recommended that the pool water slide surfaces be washed every day to get rid of salt build-up. Washing schedules must be faster too, to help keep the water slide looking fine.

Swimming pool slide cleaning tip – Rinse pool slide properly, after that tape a heavy plastic trash bag on to the bottom of the pool slide, to catch soapy rinse water. Extra tip – empty the trash bag before it gets too full!

Caring for Your Swimming Pool Slide

Used swimming pool water slides will never dull and definitely will offer many years of entertaining for your friends and family with the correct maintenance.

When hosing down your deck, rinse your swimming pool slide free of any kind of dirt, dust or even some other particles that may have built-up.

You might also utilize a non-abrasive water and soap if possible. Try a test spot of a product before using to a wide spot and also see the label directions on any kind of cleaner very carefully prior to using it to the pool slide. “Intended Use” and also “Warning” labels must be taken care of. If they come to be faded or maybe unreadable, they must be changed.

You can safely utilize: Windex with Ammonia®, Formula 409®, Fantastik®, Soft Scrub®, Scrubfree, Tackle®, Grass Plus®, Topjob®, Tilex®.

Usually do not utilize: Dow with Scrubbing Bubbles®, Lysol® Disinfectant, Ajax® Cleanser, Windex® with vinegar, White Cap®, Ajax® Liquid, Soft Scrub®.

Swimming Pool Slide Maintenance

  1. Once per year, create a swimming pool slide examination – for safety and maintenance.
  2. Check tightness on all nuts, and also inspect carefully for every conditions.
  3. Check the water supply system for leaks or even worn components.
  4. Check that caution labels are still readable, not torn or even faded.
  5. Check ladder treads for every sign of wear, yield or maybe exhaustion.
  6. Check the slide surfaces for every cracks or even chips.
  7. Check the bolts and also nuts for any scale or perhaps corrosion.
  8. Climb up the ladder and also check it top-side.
  9. Check water supply jet direction.

Swimming Pool Water Slide Repairs

Surface Scratches

Very small scratches, scuff marks and also haze can be hand polished using Permatex Plastic Cleaner or perhaps Gel-Glass. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Clean cotton cloth is most effective for applying the polish and also buffing. Turtle Wax white polishing compound may also be used for deeper scratches and also scuffs.

Surface Cracks

Newer rotomolded and also acrylic slides almost never break, in case they do, it could be repaired. It will require a plastic welder and also PE plastic which can be bought in flat rods. After prep, new material of a similar colour is applied in to the crack, sanded and polished. Fiberglass swimming pool slide cracks are more usual in many cases. It could be tiny stress cracks in the Gelcoat surface, or perhaps in uncommon cases, the fiberglass shell itself can become damaged. Gelcoat repair kits can be bought, or if your pool slide could be totally recoated, by using a local boat repair company. Fiberglass repair kits are available too, generally available for fiberglass boat hull or perhaps car panel repairs.

Ladder & Legs

For steel legs, (usually utilized on the big swimming pool slides) if corrosion grows around nuts or even flanges, it must be sanded and also handled using Rustoleum. Matching paint can be bought from the manufacturer. Steps or treads that show any sign of stress, or are bent or even bowed must be changed. Replace any stripped broken or loose nuts or deck lags. It is strongly recommended to utilize only components from the genuine manufacturer. SR Smith pool slide spray kit.

Water Supply Issues

Modern pool slides not anymore utilize the skinny 1/4 inch diameter hose and those small jets. New swimming pool slides might have a 1 inch pipe, which not often needs replacement. Jet nozzles may clog in areas of hard water, and may have to be recleaned again. Connection gaskets will require substitute at some point, as will the valve that switch the water to the slide. Aged slides can buy an entire slide hose / parts kit to change the 1/4 inch hose, gaskets and also slide jets.

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